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Can You Drive With a Jeep Back Window Open

Jeeps: Can You Drive With The Back Window Open?

Jeeps are one of the best vehicles made for a thrilling driving experience. Some drivers like to drive with their Jeep’s top open, while others like to open the back window. Driving while keeping the top open is safe, but can you drive with the Jeep’s back window open? No! It would be best if … Read More

jeep windshield

Why Does The Jeep Windshield Fold Down?

Jeeps are a lot different from cars and have unique features. Among them, a part worth mentioning is the foldable windshield. Jeeps have had this feature since the 1940s and have still managed to maintain the integrity of this function. But why does the Jeep windshield fold down? Is it essential, or is it just … Read More

jeep soft top window

Can You Tint Jeep Soft Top Windows?

Jeep enthusiasts often ask whether you can darken their Jeep’s soft windows. But can you tint Jeep soft-top windows? Is doing so a smart idea? Yes, you can tint your preferred Jeep’s soft top windows. To tint your windows, you need to clean your Jeep soft top first. Then you should add films to the … Read More

is it legal to drive a jeep without doors

Is It Legal To Drive A Jeep Without Doors?

Most Jeep enthusiasts want to customize their jeeps by modifying the parts, Jeep paint, and different gadgets. Removing the jeep doors is also an option. It’s terrific for off-roading, especially in the summer. But is it legal to drive a jeep without doors? You can legally drive your jeep without the doors. No specific state … Read More