How Many Gallons Does A Jeep Wrangler Hold?

You may want to own a Jeep Wrangler for various reasons, including off-road driving capabilities and dependability. But it’s pretty costly to go on a long trip. And the real problem arises when you have zero knowledge about its fuel economy. So, how many gallons does a Jeep Wrangler hold?

You can get up to 23 mpg while driving your Jeep Wrangler on the highway and 16 mpg while driving downtown. Several changes have been made from past models to improve the mileage.

Also, you can even improve fuel economy by choosing the right engine, upgrading the throttle system, maintaining speed, frequent checkups, getting tune-ups, and improving your driving skills.

The most recent models of the Jeep Wrangler have a very powerful engine. So it accelerates quickly and climbs easily over rough terrain.

Why Worry About Jeep Wrangler’s Mileage?

Jeep Wrangler is a type of off-road vehicle. They are available in both small and mid-size models. Depending on your preferences, you can have a tiny Jeep Wrangler or a mid-size Jeep Wrangler. However, it would be best if you thought about its fuel economy as the price of gasses is increasing every year.

On top of that, a jeep wrangler is pretty popular for its weak mileage because of its shape. The Wrangler has a boxy design, and because of that, it doesn’t have much-improved aerodynamics.

Though several improvements have been made to its design, you still need to keep track of your wrangler’s fuel spending.

Jeep Wrangler Tank Capacity

The petrol tank capacity of the Jeep Wrangler varies based on the base model and production year. So, it varies, ranging from 17.2 to 22.5 gallons.

However, it’s different from a two-door Jeep Wrangler or a four-door unlimited version Jeep. But it would help if you go through each yearly model to acknowledge the mileage difference.

Latest Jeep Wrangler Model (2021 Jeep Wrangler)

It has a tank size of 21.5 gallons. Therefore, it can give you about 16 mpg while driving in the town and 23 mpg on the highways. Well, it differs on roads because of the construction and traffic.

The 2020 Jeep Wrangler

This one can take you anywhere you need to go while also allowing you to keep driving for extended periods. The Jeep Wrangler gets 17 miles per gallon in the city and 25 miles per gallon on the interstate.

The 2019 Jeep Wrangler

Based on the base model, this one has a gas tank capacity of 17.5 to 21.5 gallons. It has a travel range of between 297 and 473 miles with a full fuel tank in the city.

Jeep Wrangler From 2018

The prior 2018 Jeep Wrangler model had a capacity of 22.5 gallons. You can travel 16 mpg (miles per gallon) downtown while it would be 21 mpg on highways with a 2018 jeep wrangler. So the range is 18 miles per gallon on average.

Jeep Wrangler From 2017

Your jeep wrangler of the 2017 model can hold 18.6 gallons to 22.5 gallons of gas. That’s why it has the capacity to run 316 to 360 miles on a full tank. It also means 16 to 17 mpg.

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Fuel Economy Depends on the Gas Tank Capacity

The tank capacity has not changed much from the 2011 to 2019 Jeep Wrangler models. For the years 2010, 2007 to 2009, 1998 to 2006, and 1995 to 1997, the fuel tank capacity of Jeep Wranglers was 21.6 gallons, 18.6 gallons, 19 gallons, and 16 gallons, correspondingly.

The gas tank in the Jeep Wrangler is much bigger than that of the Ford F-150. The two-door Jeep model takes 18.5 gallons of petrol more compared to the four-door unlimited trim Ford.

This automobile seems to have a driving range of roughly 506 miles owing to the increased volume of the 22-gallon gasoline tank.

How To Improve Fuel Economy?

There are a few strategies that owners can use to save a few dollars on their annual fuel expenses. So, here are some suggestions on how to improve your Jeep Wrangler’s fuel economy.

Choose Right Engine

You must select the appropriate engine and maintain it first. Some Jeep owners suggest sea foaming the machine. It will wipe out the carbon intake and allow it to operate more efficiently.

Regular Checkup

You should perform frequent engine inspections to ensure it is cleaned and everything is in place and working.

This includes replacing the oil, putting in new spark plugs and wires, and injecting transmission fluid. You should also ensure that the tires have adequate air pressure.

Upgrade Throttle System

The next step you can take is to add a throttle response controller.

The throttle body controls the airflow in a Jeep Wrangler. Any lag in the throttle system of a Jeep Wrangler can be removed by adding a throttle body controller.

Get Tune-up

You can change the torque, fuel economy, and horsepower by tweaking or adjusting the air/fuel ratio, automatic shift points, and engine timing with an additional tuner. You can also add a pair of high-performance engine upgrades. Adjusting the CPU tuning would help the mods utilize the Jeep’s capabilities.

Maintain Speed

Maintaining a consistent speed of 55-65 miles per hour is optimal for improving fuel economy.

Improve Driving Skill

It is also advisable to develop healthy driving habits. Sitting idle is common in cities due to the motion of traffic and numerous stoplights.

As a result, a Jeep Wrangler is not the right vehicle to drive in cities. You should turn off your Wranglers’ engine when you are not moving.

Bottom Line

The Jeep Wrangler has a lot of fantastic features that serve to explain why it is so much popular with all. The riding quality on a Jeep Wrangler is far superior to what you might imagine. It can tackle any sort of road as the suspensions are designed for off-road use.

So, how many gallons does a Jeep Wrangler hold? Hopefully, this passage has answered all of your questions. So, get ready to accept the challenge of being a proud Jeep owner. Then go ahead and own your ride on the road!

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