How Much To Tint Jeep Wrangler Windows?

Tinting a Jeep Wrangler’s windows add a cool vibe to the vehicle. However, you might mess up badly if you don’t know the exact procedure and the tinting level. There’s also a chance of damaging the window. So, how much to tint Jeep Wrangler windows?

Generally, it would cost you around $80 to tint your Jeep Wrangler window. For a two-door, the cost will be $175 to $375; for a single cab, you will need $575. For four doors, you will need more than the average ones. However, the cost will be based on the cities and countryside locations.

If you’re unaware of tinting materials, ask an expert to choose them. Don’t overdo the window tint since it’ll prevent sunlight and make the vehicle suspicious.

Tinting Cost Of The Jeep Wrangler Windows

Lots of facts affect the tinting of your Wrangler’s windows cost. The location is a prime factor in fixing your Jeep Wrangler’s windows tinting cost.

For example, you should spend around $80 to $150 in any repair shop in Virginia to tint your Jeep Wrangler windows. On the other hand, the price is more than $200 in some states.

For two-door Jeeps, you will need $175 to $375 to tint the window. But if it’s a single cab, it will cost around $265 to $575, based on the type of tint you want.

Next comes the window’s condition. The mechanic won’t charge you an extra penny to tint the glass if it’s in good condition. However, you must pay to fix the damages before tinting the windows.

If you’re thinking of DIYing the window tinting, you must buy some covers to protect the light around the windows, like corner lights, headlights, and rear lights. Eventually, the cost increases while DIYing the Jeep Wrangler’s windows tint.

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Factors Affecting The Cost To Tint Jeep Wrangler Windows

The cost of tinting the Jeep wrangler windows depends on some facts. It would be best if you consider tinting the windows of your Jeep Wrangler. Here’s to look at:

Jeep Model

Jeep Wrangler has different models and types (two and four-doors). So, while tinting the window, you must consider your Jeep’s model. It would be best to mention your Jeep model while fixing it at a repair shop. If you try yourself, gather tools and models.

Type Of Window Tint

There are different types of tints available for Jeep wranglers, such as carbon window tint film, hybrid film, etc. Make sure you get the durable and long-lasting one.

Number Of Windows

Obviously, the overall cost will depend on the number of windows. The mentioned cost is per window. You must multiply the price if you want to tint more than one.

Labor Cost

Labor cost is different in every state. So, it would be better to know the hourly labor charge while fixing at a repair shop. Sometimes they won’t charge you if the glass is still without scratches or in good condition.

Bottom Line

You should know the local laws before applying tint on your Wrangler’s windows. Don’t forget to check the tinting-related regulations too. Keep the windows as much white as possible.

I hope the analysis on how much to tint Jeep Wrangler windows has properly guided you. Use tape to cover the windshield to set the tinting agent thoroughly.

Inspect the tint level once you’ve completed the process. Have an expert look at your Wrangler’s windows once they have dried properly.

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