How To Open Jeep Patriot Hood? 5 Easy Steps

Jeep Patriots are pretty well-known vehicles for high-quality and capable crossovers. You might need to open the hood for maintenance, cool down the engine, repair the parts, etc. But it gets tricky when you don’t know how to open the Jeep Patriot hood.

Release two latches first and then the hood release lever on the low lift corner of the steering wheel. Next, go to the front and release the safety lever underneath the hood. And lastly, hang the hood with the hood prop so it doesn’t fall.

If you fail to open the hood, you can try again. Maintain some safety facts during the task. You can always ask for help from a professional if needed.

Why Would You Need To Open The Hood?

Isn’t it obvious? The hood covers the engine of your Jeep. So, if you want to access the machine, you need to open the hood, especially in emergencies.

Opening the engine is good for increasing the lifespan of your vehicle. When the Jeep Patriot engine gets overheated and heats up too quickly, you open the hood for a faster engine by cooling it.

More rapid cooling also increases the durability and lifespan of rubber parts and small plastic in your engine.

When you need to repair a part of the engine, you will need to access it. So, it’s crucial to open the engine hood and best to open it quickly. You can read how to open the Jeep Wrangler hood.

5 Ways to Unlock Jeep Patriot Hood

It’s pretty easy to open the Jeep hood. But if you don’t know the simple steps, you might mess up and make an error like jamming the hood release lever cable.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Find The Hood Release Lever

First, you must find the hood release lever in the driver’s seat. You will see the lever below the steering wheel at the lower left kick panel. Press the button, and the hood will open a little.

hood release lever
Hood release lever

Step 2: Pull The Safety Release Lever

You need to release two latches to get to the hood. So, go to the front of your Patriot Jeep and use your fingers to reach the safety lever. It’s in the middle beneath the hood.

safety release lever
Safety release lever

Step 3: Pull Up The Hood

When you push the safety lever, it will release the hood. Then, pull up the hood without waiting.

Step 4: Use The Hood Prop

The hood won’t stay up if you don’t hang it with anything. So, it would be best if you used the hood prop. It’s located on the left side of the engine. Lift the Jeep Patriot hood and insert the mount in the designated hole.

jeep hood prop
Jeep hood prop

Step 5: Repeat If Unsuccessful

If you can’t open the hood on the first try, there must be some malfunction with the lever. So, it would be better to repeat the steps a couple of times when you fail.

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What If The Cable Is Broken?

The Jeep Patriot hood won’t open? It may be broken because of rough use or some other reasons. However, you can manually open hood of the broken latch in Jeep Patriot without the hood lever. All you need is just a flathead screwdriver.

Look into the hood underneath a tiny window, and you will see the lever connecting to the hood latch. Dive the screwdriver into the hood and slide the hood latch a bit. It will allow the hood to open.

If the instructions are a bit hazy, you can look into the video for a better visual and then get to the work.

Final Words

Jeep Patriots are decent replacements for costly Jeeps. They can serve you properly under excellent care. And for regular maintenance and checkup, you need to open the hood multiple times. It would be best to know the process as quickly as you can.

Hopefully, you have learned how to open the Jeep Patriot hood without hassles. Don’t try to open the hood with bare hands when the engine is overheated. Follow the instructions correctly, and the rest of it is easy. Wish you happy travels!

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