Jeep Patriot Bolt Pattern: What You Need to Know Before Buying New Rims

The bolt pattern is essential before upgrading wheels or getting new rims for any vehicle. There are a few different bolt battens for the different vehicle models. If you own a jeep patriot, stick here. You’ll know about the jeep patriot bolt pattern ins and outs.

Jeep patriot bolt pattern measurement is around 5×114. 3. A vehicle’s wheels stay secured with many bolts and logs. And setting these nuts and bolts in the wrong bolt pattern might affect safety. Bolt patterns should be the first thing for maximum safety and comfort.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started. This article will help everyone who owns a Jeep patriot. The information here will help you while Upgrading the tires.

What Is A Bolt Pattern?

The bolt pattern determines whether a wheel fits your car or not. It is also known as the lug pattern/ PCD ( Pitch circle Diameter).

It is a measurement of your vehicle where your lug nuts will fasten the wheel to your car. These lug holes all together are called the bolt pattern of a vehicle.

There are certain types of bolt patterns for each vehicle. The reason behind this is each car manufacturer uses different standards. Generally, most vehicles use five lug holes in their design. These lug holes will adjust the car wheel with lug nuts.

Sometimes, people overlook the bolt pattern of a vehicle. However, this would be essential in ensuring your vehicle wheel is perfectly set. This keeps both the wheel hub and the vehicle safe.

What Bolt Pattern Does The Jeep Patriot Have?

Jeep patriot uses 5×114. 3 sizes of the bolt pattern. You must adjust the wheel/ rim according to the size of its bolt pattern.

If I want to explain the bolt pattern in detail:

Here, 5 means the Jeep Patriot has 5 log holes. And 114.3 is the diameter of your Jeep Patriot bolt pattern.

With this specific diameter, you can get the perfect fit wheel for your jeep.

Different gradations of vehicles from the same manufacturer company might vary bolt patterns regarding the design. However, from Jeep Patriot 2007 to 2010 and jeep patriot 2011 to 2017, versions have the same bolt pattern of 5×114.3.

What Wheels Fit On A Jeep Patriot?

Jeep patriots have different models with different designs. What wheel will fit your jeep patriot will depend on your specific version and various things. As: Body type of the jeep, Front tire size, front rim size, rear tire size, and rear rim size.

For Jeep Patriot, they use A5 X4.5″ bolt pattern on the wheels. Again, here the A% indicates five lugs. Another thing to consider is the trim diameter. Jeep Patriot’s trip diameter is around 16 to 17 inches, depending on the vehicle model.

lug bolt circle
Image source: Quadratec

Whichever wheel you pick, make sure you’re maintaining the right bolt and rim size. The style will make your Jeep Patriot look more stunning. But, overlooking the safety measures can bring big hazards.

How To Measure Bolt Pattern On A Jeep Patriot?

The bolt pattern on a vehicle consists of a circle. Even and odd bolt numbers have individual methods of measurement. The Jeep Patriot bolt pattern is in an odd number of five.

The best method is to measure the bolt pattern diagonally. Measure the bolt pattern of the Jeep Patriot from the back side of one hole and reach the second hole’s center.

You need to measure the diameter size well. Here, you should start from the center and reach its outer edge for accurate measurement. 

What Are The Common Issues With Jeep Patriot Wheels?

There are specific issues that most Jeep Patriot owners complain about. Let’s check the most common issues among all of those:

  • Jeep Patriot’s bad wheels will make some humming/ knocking or clicking noise.
  • If your wheel bearings are affected, it will cause a certain type of vibration under your seat.
  • Sometimes a bad wheel might shake and make the entire body vibrate.
  • The wrong wheel setup will make uneven tire wear. This also affects the service life of the wheel.
  • Sometimes setting the wheel in the wrong pattern will make it pull on one side when you try to drive on a straight-line road.

What Other Factors Should I Consider When Changing Wheels On A Jeep Patriot?

Apart from safety and bearing size, you should consider some other things while upgrading your Jeep Patriot. Knowing all these will help you to make the best deal.

Follow here:

  • Consider the look and style you want to settle for. There are hundreds of types of wheel designs. You should pick the best-styled one regarding the perfect bolt and rim size.
  • Get the perfect-sized wheel to get improved grip and traction while driving.
  • You should measure the space between the wheel center point and the hub mounting surface. It will ensure the correct fit of your wheel.
  • Consider measuring the thread diameter, pitch, and length.
  • Consider the rim size range before you get the perfect fitted wheel for your vehicle.
  • You must consider your budget.

Wrap Up:

You must use wheels/ rims with the correct dimension of the bolt pattern. Usually, it is recommended by the manufacturers. Jeep patriots have different designs for different versions.

However, all of their versions hold similar bolt patterns. Choosing the wheel with the correct bolt pattern will keep your Jeep Patriot lasting longer with comfort and safety.

So, never compromise the bolt pattern size because of budget or style. This should be the first thing to prioritize for the best driving experience with your Jeep Patriot.

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