How To Turn Off ESP BAS Light Jeep

The ESP BAS light in a Jeep indicates both minor and major problems. For example, it indicates a problem with the electrical panel or the brake assistance. But do you know how to turn off the ESP BAS light Jeep?

Calibrating the steering angle sensor mainly fixes the ESP BAS Light problem. First, turn the steering wheel to the right twice and twice to the left. Then put it back in the center to fix the light.

Damaged brake pads, brake switch, and defective wheel sensor are the reason behind an illuminated ESP BAS light. Replacing the steering angle sensor also solves this issue.

It’s a bad idea to buy a car with ESP BAS light on. You’ll fail to understand the problem just by looking at the light. A proper guideline will help you to reset an ESP BAS light.

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What Is The ESP BAS Light?

An ESP BAS light is a warning light on your car’s dashboard. Your car has some problem whenever this indicator lights up. For example, this light indicates the problems with the electric panel or the problem with the brake assists.

You should take the problem seriously if the light is illuminated for a long time. The electronic stability program and the brake assistance balance the car’s performance. So, a disturbance in any of them will hamper the car’s performance.

Always be aware of this ESP BAS light. Turning a blind eye to this issue will take a heavy toll. However, fixing the lights sooner means one step closer to the safety of your car and life. Learn more about ESP BAS light.

Reasons Behind The ESP BAS Light Turning On

The ESP light is a warning light like other warning lights on a car’s control panel. Several reasons are responsible for it turning on and staying constant for a long time.

These four reasons are the primary catalyst behind the turning on of the ESP Light.

esp bas light turning on
esp bas light turning on

Defective Brake Switch

Your car will slow down when you step on the brake pedal. The brake switch will activate the brake lights to warn other vehicles on the road while you are braking. Unfortunately, it gets damaged since it’s an electric switch, which is not helpful.

Your vehicle will notify you about the faulty brake switch through the ESP light. Noticing the ESP light will help you to find the damaged button.

Damaged Brake Pads

ESP light won’t activate if the brake pad is physically damaged. Sometimes, the spinning rate changes for a moment, and then the light turns on. This is because older brake pads can’t handle your foot’s pressure, resulting in unbalanced spinning.

Broken Wheel Speed Sensor

Another essential job the electric system does is tracking the spinning rate of the wheels every second. Then, it recalibrates the spinning rate if the wheels move at different speeds.

You’ll notice an illuminated ESP light if one of the wheel speed sensors is broken. Multiple damaged wheel sensors are a severe problem.

Your car’s wheels will rotate at a different speed. Over time, you’ll lose control of your vehicle, and a major accident might occur.

Problematic Steering Angle Sensor

A damaged steering angle sensor, also known as SAS, is a common reason behind the activation of ESP light. SAS works simultaneously with the car’s wheel. The steering moves the wheels left and right using the angle sensor.

The ESP light stays on for a long time when the sensor stops working. So if you don’t fix the sensor, it’ll hamper the car’s performance.

Step By Step Guide To Reset The ESP BAS Light

It’s super easy to reset the ESP light of your car. You can solve this issue with some DIY knowledge.

This step-by-step guide will help you reset the ESP light of your vehicle.

Step 01: Start The Engine

First, kick off the engine of your car. Then spin the steering wheel to the right till it stops completely.

Step 02: Spin The Left

After rotating the steering wheel to the right, spin it to the left until it stops. It’ll partially solve the steering sensor problem.

Step 03: Steering Wheel At The Former Position

Bring the steering wheel to the primary position once you’ve completed both the right and left spin. All the steps above are completed successfully if the steering wheel is precisely positioned in the center.

Step 04: ESP BAS Light Off

Voila! You’ve done it. The ESP light will go off if you’ve followed the guideline correctly.

Step 05: Further Inspection

If the light illuminates after all of this, hire a professional to diagnose the problem in your vehicle. It’ll cost you some bucks but is helpful in the long run.

How To Replace A Defective Steering Angle Sensor?

The steering angle sensor is an essential electrical part of the car. But a defective one will cause some terrible accidents. So, replacing the sensor before it’s too late would be best.

With the right DIY tools, you can replace a defective sensor following these easy steps:

Step 01: Cut Power Supply

Disconnect the battery to cut the power supply. You’ll find the battery below the bonnet of the car. The airbag won’t explode since there’s no power supply available.

Step 02: Removing Airbag

The airbag is located at the back of the wheel. Click on the clip behind the wheel to safely remove the airbag. Remove the airbag once it pops out of the wheel.

Step 03: Separating Steering Wheel

First, seal the steering wheel in the center. Next, detach the holding bolts of the wheel using a torque wrench. Finally, use a marker to mark the fixed position of the wheel.

The wheel will come out quickly after you’ve detached the clock spring.

Step 04: Remove The Defective Steering Angle Sensor

The sensors are located behind the clock spring. Take out the old one and insert the new one. Remember to connect it properly for optimum results.

Step 05: Join The Steering Wheel

You’ve to use the same torque wrench to connect the holding bolts. Then mount the steering wheel to the marked position carefully.

Step 06: Reassemble

After attaching the steering wheel, set up the airbag in its position. The sound of the click will confirm its correct position. Then connect the power supply to start the car.

Can You Drive With ESP BAS Light Turned On?

It’s perilous to drive a car with the ESP light turned on. An activated ESP light only means bad news. The ESP system must operate correctly to avoid any accidents.

It might indicate the issue of defective brake pads. You can’t check the wheel sensors while driving. The same goes for the steering angle sensors.

So, when you see a popping ESP light, you must find out the problem. Then solve the issue as soon as possible.

You can drive with a turned-on ESP light. But why take such risks just to save some bucks? Remember, your life is more important than money. So, send the car to your nearby mechanic’s shop for a regular check.

Should You Buy A Car With An ESP BAS Light Warning Turned On?

You can buy a car with a turned-on ESP BAS light. But it’s not profitable to buy a defective vehicle.

You’ve to pay a hefty sum to fix this warning light. Unfortunately, most second-hand cars have this issue. So, if you want to buy one, look for the problems beforehand.

The same goes if you want to sell a car with an ESP BAS light turned on. Many online traders sell and buy vehicles that have the ESP light issue. Not buying a car having this problem is the best choice. It’ll save you money and from future accidents.

Check out the warning lights if you’re keen to buy a second-hand car with an ESP BAS light turned on. Plus, bargain to get a fat discount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Fixing An ESP BAS Light Expensive?

Fixing an ESP light is pretty expensive. For example, fixing a wheel sensor costs $200 to $300. Pray if the ABS pump has gone bad. You must pay $800 to $1000 depending on the damage level of the ABS pump. But a second-hand ABS costs around $200 to $300.

How Much Time Is Needed To Fix An ESP BAS Light?

It’s not a time-consuming process. However, you’ll need a few minutes to fix the problem with the right DIY tools. For a better and long-lasting result, you should consult with an expert mechanic to fix the problem.

Where Is The ESP BAS Light In The Car?

You’ll find the ESP BAS light in the engine chamber. The engine chamber is underneath the hood of the car. So once you pop up the car’s hood, you’ll find the engine section along with the ESP BAS light.

Bottom Line

An ESP BAS light is an essential indicator of the car’s overall health and performance. Therefore, you should look for the problem whenever the light is on as fast as possible. The fixing process is a bit pricey, but it’ll save you from accidents.

We hope the discussion on how to turn off ESP BAS light Jeep has answered every possible question you’ve about the ESP BAS light. Carefully follow the repair methods to fix the light. Take an expert’s opinion if needed, but don’t apply a DIY technique if you don’t know what you’re doing!

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