Jeep Power Windows Vs Manual – What’s The Difference?

When getting a Jeep, you can choose which type of windows you want for your ride. Most of the recent releases from Jeep come with power windows, but you can still substitute the power windows for a manual if you prefer.

A motor and a switch control power windows. On the other hand, manual windows still use the old liver that needs to be hand-cranked. Also, power windows are more expensive compared to manual windows. You can find most Jeeps have power window control in middle.

Regarding Jeep power windows vs manual, your choice might vary depending on what you desire for your car and keeping cost efficiency in mind. Convenience is also an essential factor of consideration.

Jeep Power Windows Overview

A power window is an automated version of the manual window, which had to be hand-cranked. These windows are most seen in recent releases of the Jeep, replacing old manual windows.

The power windows can be moved up and down thanks to a motor built into the window. A switch manages this motor.

How these automated doors work is they send out signals from the controller. The signal finishes a circuit and reaches the engine. The motor then responds by moving the window lower or higher as intended.

Power windows also have some extra added features. These include single-touch openings and switches for lockout. 

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Jeep Power Windows Pros And Cons

Even though these are recent technologies, power windows aren’t convenient for everyone.


  • More convenient while driving
  • Suitable for both summer and winter
  • Better safety features
  • Automated sensors can prevent unwanted damage


  • More expensive
  • Motor is prone to damage

Jeep Manual Windows Overview

Manual windows are the first-generation windows that came as default with older versions of the Jeep.

They weren’t automated like the power windows and didn’t have any motors to remotely operate the movement of the windows. Instead, they had a lever system that operated through a handle. You could manually crank the windows to move up or down with that handle.

Though power windows are a product of modern technology with more safety features and convenience, manual windows remain a viable option for many. This is because of the added longevity and the fact that you can use them when the engine is turned off. 

Jeep Manual Windows Pros And Cons

Some Jeep connoisseurs still prefer manual windows over power windows.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be operated when the engine is turned off
  • Safer for kids who can’t operate the handle easily
  • Provide more longevity


  • Less convenient to use during summer
  • No safety features included

Comparison Table Showcasing Power Windows Vs Manual

Below is a comparison table showcasing the highlights of both power and manual windows. This would be helpful to get a quick grasp of what you should choose between the two.

These are the points you need to consider before going for power or manual windows for your Jeep. They both have their benefits and downsides.

 Power windowsManual windows
LongevityLess durableMore durable
SafetyBoasts more safety featuresAnalog system doesn’t come with any added safety
ConvenienceMore convenient to operateOld, inconvenient hand-cranking system
Cost efficiencyMore expensiveLess expensive in comparison
Driving conditionEfficient in both summer and fallDriving in summer with manual windows is rough
Operating conditionCan’t be operated with the engine turned offIndependent of the engine

It’s challenging to get the latest Jeep releases with a manual door. You need to go for an older version of the Jeep in comparison if you want manual doors. This will be more cost-efficient for you in turn, though.

However, Jeep is a renowned car brand with top-tier build quality for their rides. This includes their windows too.

If you are conflicted about choosing Jeep power windows vs. manual, this discussion can give you some crucial insights. Now you can get the Jeep of your choice with the exact type of windows you want!

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