Jeep Gladiator Oil Type: A Guide to Choose the Right Lubricant

Engine oil is crucial for a Jeep Gladiator to deliver optimum performance. The right engine oil can help a driver to get out of the mud quickly and safely.

However, it’s tough for a fresh driver to choose the ideal engine oil for a Jeep Gladiator. So, what are the Jeep Gladiator oil types?

Synthetic, synthetic blend and conventional engine oil are the three types of oil recommended for Jeep Gladiators. Synthetic engine oil delivers superb fuel economy, but the synthetic blend has an extended lifetime and provides high performance. You should use high-mileage oil if your Jeep Gladiator is pretty old. Using conventional oil is the right decision if you’re on a tight budget.

Knowing these oils’ pros and cons helps you choose the right one for your vehicle. You should consult an expert if you’re confused about selecting the right oil type.

Recommended Oil Types

You’ll find various types of engine oil for your Jeep Gladiator in the market. But not all of them are suitable for your Jeep Gladiator’s engine.

Here’s a list of the oils for your Jeep Gladiator with positive and negative effects on your engine.

Synthetic Engine Oil

Synthetic oil is made in the lab. You may know it as full synthetic oil. The oil has no pollutants since manufacturers repeatedly refine the crude oil to obtain this oil.

Pros And Cons

Let’s talk about the pros of using synthetic engine oil in Jeep Gladiators. The engine consumes less oil but delivers excellent fuel economy.

Synthetic oil is more stable due to artificial additives. It creates less sludge than other engine oils. So, the engine parts stay in unaltered condition.

You must face some consequences if you use this oil in your vehicle. For example, synthetic additives tend to break down after some time.

The car fails to perform smoothly. Synthetic oil is quite pricey too. It might have better fuel economy for day-to-day use but fails to act on highways.

Synthetic Blend Engine Oil

Synthetic blend oil is a combo of regular engine oil and additives. Your Jeep Gladiator’s engine will have a power boost with this oil since there are organic and synthetic additives.

Pros And Cons

Unlike other engine oils, the synthetic blend is cheaper and quite economical. It has an extended life span than standard engine oil.

Your Gladiator’s engine won’t wear much if you use the synthetic blend as your engine oil. It’s the perfect choice for high performance.

The synthetic blend oil has some drawbacks too. Like it can’t protect the engine like synthetic engine oil. Your Jeep Gladiator’s engine will consume more oil when you’re on a long road trip.

High Mileage Engine Oil

Experts have mixed opinions about high-mileage engine oil. This oil contains seals, antioxidants, detergents, and friction additives.

According to experts, detergents reduce sludge formation in the engine. In this way, you can keep the engine running smoothly.

Pros And Cons

This oil works perfectly fine in an old Jeep Gladiator engine. Using high-mileage oil will keep the engine parts safe if you’ve traveled around 75,000 miles with your Jeep Gladiator. This oil doesn’t break quickly due to its high viscosity.

When you use high-mileage oil in the engine, it becomes tough to start the Jeep Gladiator. It becomes even tough to start the car at an acute temperature. The oil pressure around the engine parts increases since the oil is quite thick.

Conventional Engine Oil

Conventional oil, also known as regular engine oil, has been used in different vehicles for a long time. It directly comes from petroleum.

Synthetic vs Conventional
Source: Mobil

Manufacturers use various types of additives to increase the oil’s performance. However, they don’t change their structure to the molecular level.

Pros And Cons

Using conventional engine oil in the Gladiator has some benefits and drawbacks. The first advantage of using it is that it is cheaper than synthetic and synthetic blend engine oil.

Since regular engine oil has an unarranged molecular structure, it can quickly smooth up the rough engine parts.

Conventional engine oil can’t regulate the Gladiator’s engine temperature. If you’re driving your vehicle in cold weather, its performance decreases significantly.

Common Problems With Jeep Gladiator Oil Types

Not all oil types mentioned earlier will suit your Jeep Gladiator’s engine. Various facts are responsible for different problems in the Gladiator’s engine.

I’ve listed some of these issues and elaborated on them so you can easily understand them.

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Oil Viscosity Issues

Synthetic oil is more viscous than conventional engine oil. However, you can use synthetic oil if money isn’t an issue. On the other hand, the high-mileage oil is pretty thick and suitable for old Jeep Gladiators.

So, if I break it down, you should use synthetic or synthetic blend oil if your car is still new. You can also use regular engine oil if you have a tight budget.

Compatibility Problems With Engine Components

This issue is related to the viscosity of the oil types. Synthetic, synthetic blend and conventional engine oil are perfect for a new Jeep that has gone a few miles. These oils are compatible with engine filters, valves, and other components.

You should use thick high-mileage oil to keep the Jeep Gladiator’s engine running if it’s crossed its warranty. Consequently, it won’t affect the engine parts and will keep the machine running for a few extra miles.

Using The Wrong Type Of Oil Filter

Things regarding the oil filter are pretty cloudy, even to some veterans. There are various types of oil filters available in the market. You should use engine oil that is compatible with the engine’s oil filter.

Try to use oil that doesn’t create any sludge or foam around the engine’s oil filter. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time starting the engine.

Instead of changing the oil filter, you can use an engine oil filter service kit to clean your existing filter. So that it will save you money and time.

Tips For Choosing The Right Oil Type

Choosing the ideal oil type depends on numerous facts. I’ll discuss these facts and tips shortly to select the right oil type for your Jeep Gladiator.

  • Synthetic oil is the best option if you live in a colder area. It takes less time than synthetic blend and conventional oil to warm up.
  • Semi-synthetic oil is cheaper than synthetic oil. You should use conventional oil if you’re on a tight budget.
  • Change your engine oil after you’ve traveled 3,000 to 5,000 miles with your Jeep Gladiator.
  • It would be best to remember the oil type you’ve used before in the engine.


You can quickly escape any tricky situation with the right engine oil. Now that you know the pros and cons of the oils mentioned above, you can easily select the correct oil type.

I hope the analysis of the Jeep Gladiator oil type has provided you with enough insights. You can follow these tips to keep your Jeep Gladiator’s engine running.

Do not switch to another engine oil suddenly. Otherwise, your engine’s performance will decrease significantly. Lastly, take good care of your vehicle and keep on a routine check while changing the engine oil.

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