Decoding the Mystery: Why Do People Put Ducks on Their Jeeps?

If you’re a fan of jeeps and always enjoy catching a glimpse of them whenever one passes by, you might have noticed that many jeep owners keep a rubber duck on their dashboard.

Sometimes, you may even spot some ducks on a jeep that’s parked somewhere. Have you ever wondered why people put ducks on their jeeps?

Well, it turns out that keeping a duck on a jeep has actually become a trend, and there are meanings behind it.

So, if you thought that jeep owners only keep them for decoration, you might have been mistaken.

In fact, the trend of putting a rubber duck on a jeep is quite common, and it’s often referred to as Duck Duck Jeep or Jeep Ducking.

What is the Trend of Keeping a Duck in a Jeep?

When someone buys a Jeep for their daily use, they unknowingly become a part of the Jeep community. This community is more connected and cooperative than the global biker community.

So, when a person drives their Jeep on the road, they wave at other Jeep drivers, even if they don’t know them personally. This is known as the Jeep Wave.

jeep ducking

The goal of placing a duck on the Jeep is to make other Jeep drivers smile and feel familiar. It is a signal that the person driving the Jeep is part of the community.

Some Jeep owners even leave a duck on other Jeeps with a little note to cheer them up. These notes contain encouraging comments like ‘nice Jeep,’ ‘you’ve been ducked!’, ‘nice ride,’ and more.

Whether a person keeps a duck in their Jeep or leaves one on another Jeep, they are a part of the community and love this trend.

This concept strengthens the bond among Jeep owners, and it’s a unique way to show their love for Jeeps.

Why Do People Put Ducks on Jeep?

I bet you’re wondering why people are putting ducks on their jeeps! Well, the reason behind it’s to spread happiness and positivity to other jeep drivers.

It’s a simple yet effective way to show support for the community.

The purpose is to bring people together with kindness and love, especially among jeep owners.

Plus, it doesn’t cost a lot to buy a yellow duck, which you can use multiple times to brighten someone’s day.

In the pandemic era, rubber ducks have become very popular, and manufacturers even started making them with different expressions and colors.

The duck has become a symbol of the jeep community, and this trend has brought people closer together.

If you want to join in, it only takes a small effort to leave a little note with the duck. This trend has truly helped create a tight-knit community of jeep enthusiasts who support and encourage each other.

History of the Duck Duck Jeep Concept

Duck Jeep isn’t a very old idea. It actually started in Ontario, back in 2020 when the whole world was being attacked by Coronavirus. Because of the disease, people couldn’t really get close to each other, which made things pretty tough.

But then, a woman named Allison Parliament decided to do something about it. She wanted to help people smile, even if they couldn’t be close to each other.

So, Allison went out and bought a bunch of little toy ducks for bathtubs. She decided to keep one in her own jeep and then left the others with little notes in other people’s jeeps.

And that’s how the whole Duck Duck Jeep thing got started!


What is a duck pond?

Sometimes, jeep owners received a lot of ducks and they love to showcase them on their dashboards. The group of ducks on the dashboard is called the duck pond.

What should I write in a Duck note?

You can write anything on the duck note that will cheer the recipient. You can write phrases like ‘you have been ducked,’ ‘Nice jeep,’ ‘Good day,’ ‘nice ride,’ etc.

Is the ‘Ducking Jeep’ trend only for Wrangler Jeeps?

No, the Ducking Jeep trend is for all jeeps from just any brand. The person who started the trend was driving a Wrangler Jeep. But people with jeeps from any brand can follow the trend.

However, if you want to play this fun game with other Jeep owners, you can check my other guide about everything related to Jeep Ducking rules.

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