When Did Jeep Ducking Start? A Look Back at Its Origins

More than a game, Jeep Ducking is a trend that strengthens ties within the neighborhood. People could assume it has something to do with dodging an approaching Jeep. But the game is far more refined than that. It has benevolence at its core. So, when did Jeep Ducking start?

Jeep Ducking began in Ontario, Canada, in 2020. One Jeep user made the conscious decision to cheer someone up. She went out and purchased a rubber duck. Then she stuck it on another Jeep. It’s a method to make someone’s day better. You can also include a letter with the duck.

The Jeep community is both extensive and distinctive. Some people use Jeep Ducking as a chance to advertise a company or social media page. So let’s have a detailed discussion about it!

What Is Jeep Ducking?

A widespread practice among Jeep Wrangler owners is “Jeep Ducking.” Usually, the Jeep Wranglers of participants contain several rubber ducks.

rubber ducks

When they see one, they put a duck in the doorway of another Jeep Wrangler. Many people will add a little comment or encouraging phrase to make the driver’s day better. It’s a straightforward act of compassion that can contribute to the uplifting of others.

Ducking is the act of sticking a rubber ducky on some other Jeep. The idea of Ducking Jeeps was the inspiration behind the hashtag #DuckDuckJeep. But it also includes a message intended to express little ducky’s affection towards other Jeep enthusiasts.

The Jeep Ducking habit is a humorous way to brighten someone’s day and put a smile on their face. In order to be ready to duck other Jeep riders at any time, many have ducks in their vehicles.

When Did Jeep Ducking Start?

When COVID originally began in Ontario in 2020, Jeep Duckling was just getting started. It just had one Jeep user, Allison Parliament, to make it happen. She made a choice to cheer up other Jeep owners.

start jeep ducking

Jeep Ducking: The Backstory

Although Parliament resides and works in the US, she is actually a native of Orillia, Ontario. She claimed that when she returned to Canada, having an American license plate led to harassment, and she was even assaulted.

Allison wanted to leave the city because of the stress of this incident. She then drove a car to her uncle’s home. Rather than using her own car, she took one of her uncle’s vehicles. Before visiting her family, she drove to a shop to buy lots of ducks.

While leaving the store, Allison noticed a Jeep and wrote a small note on a duck. She kept the duck on the Jeep. The owner of the Jeep observed her and enquired as to what Allison was up to. They both laughed as she described the game. This is the incident that started the trend.

Social Influence Of Jeep Ducking

Later on, Allison Parliament spread the trend on social media. Her Facebook group for Jeep-ducking now has almost 68,000 members.

The 50 states of the United States and Canada are currently experiencing the trend. Additionally, it exists in nations like Spain and Australia. This merely demonstrates how simple it is to join in with a bit of compassion!

Purpose Of Jeep Ducking

In order to put their own stickers on the notes that go with the duck, some operators have decided to name their Jeeps.

The influence of the trend has increased along with it. Jeep groups are now uniting to participate in festivals and charitable events to spread happiness to people outside their own area. The following are the goals of Jeep Ducking:

Extending Goodwill

Jeeps are still being dodged as a means of spreading goodwill. A small yellow duck simply has a way of placing a smile on an individual’s face; you rarely know what they could be going through.

Having Fun

People have enjoyed looking for Jeep ducks to send as gifts. The range of ducks available to symbolize various professions or personality traits is enormous. Some people have even sought to correlate the Jeep’s attitude with the duck gift.

How To Play Jeep Ducking?

Jeep Ducking’s most crucial component is its promotion of pleasure, compassion, and happiness. Get a bag of rubber ducks and a marker if you want to join the craze. It would be best if you tattooed the bottoms of your ducks with a marker pen. Below are some techniques for Jeep Ducking:

Step 1:

Ensure that your duck is tattooed with its hashtag. People exclusively use the hashtags #DuckingJeeps and #duckduckJeep.

Step 2:

Mount the duck to a Jeep. Whatever sort of Jeep you have, just keep in mind the owner can see it! You may tie a letter to a ribbon to convey more positive energy.

Remember that Rubber Ducks won’t melt until it’s extremely hot. So, you should think carefully about where you set your ducks.

Step 3:

Share your photos with the community or tag the pages with hashtags so everyone may see them.

Step 4:

Be sure to enjoy yourself!

How To Respond If Your Jeep Gets Ducked?

It has many advantages because you will not face specific rules and regulations of Jeep ducking. A different Jeep driver can receive the duck if yours is ducked.

jeep ducking game

You can begin a collection or give it to a baby as a present. One can establish a reputation around their loved ones for handing out rubber ducks. There are even worse methods to be remembered by others!

The game’s objective is to encourage people to be positive. You can choose to play the game again or not. Still, you inadvertently take part if the rubber duck delights you and subsequently influences you to treat people better.

Rubber ducks should be affordable at your neighborhood dollar store. You can also get them in large quantities from websites like Amazon! If the unexpected arrival of a lovely rubber duck doesn’t make you grin, it could be a moment for a break!


Riding a Jeep Wrangler is similar to joining a group that combines camaraderie with odd customs. The Jeep wave is among the most recognizable traditions. However, there is a recent craze known as Jeep Ducking or Duck Duck Jeep. It’s catching on like wildfire.

I hope that our explanation of when Jeep Ducking started is understandable. Finding the origin of the Jeep Ducking trend is relatively simple. Browse the Instagram posts using the hashtag #duckduckJeep if you’re searching for creative ways to liven it up!

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