Are Ice Blue LED Headlights Legal In Texas?

Cars with vibrant lights sure add some sparks to them, especially headlights. These lights give the vehicle a cool look. If you’re from Texas, you know what it means to have a couple of nice headlights on your car. So, are ice blue LED headlights legal in Texas?

According to Texas law, you can’t use ice blue LED headlights on your vehicle. Blue LED headlights are pretty bright and can distract the driver in the opposite direction, resulting in accidents. Plus, blue and red strobe lights are used in emergency vehicles. Using them in Texas without any permission might cost you a hefty fine.

A blue LED headlight is a red flag attracting the local police in Texas! However, you can install halo rings light around the yellow and white headlights to add a different look.

Can You Use Ice Blue LED Headlights In Your Car/Jeep?

Before installing any LED headlights in your car/Jeep, you should carefully review the national and regional laws. Many factors like intensity and visibility affect headlight installation in Texas.

So, without silly-sally, check out the rules and regulations before you install new blue LED headlights in your car.

US National Law to Use Ice Blue LED Headlights

The national law for various headlights is the same and applicable to every state in the USA. But, you should be aware of the federal law before going through the state law. So, follow this explanation for a better understanding of headlight laws.

Light Colors

You can install LED headlights on your car and bike since the technology has improved. So, the US government was bound to allow them.

You can’t use blue, red, and other color headlights on your vehicle. Most state patrolling cars have permission to use these colored lights. So, the patrolling police can fine you for using these colored lights.

NHTSA Certification

A vehicle’s safety lights, like headlights and fending lights, must meet the NHTSA or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards. So, you can guess that LED lights within the lumen limit can be installed in the car.

Then comes the HID (High-Intensity Discharge) technology projecting the light scattered. So, it’s pretty distracting since it’s not focused in one place and hardly passes the certification procedure.

Texas State Law to Use Blue LED Headlights

Texas does follow the national law, but it has its own rules and regulations for LED headlights and their color. Here’s your simple guide to Texas laws regarding headlights in your vehicle.

No Flashy Lights

The headlight color must be white or yellow. You can’t use flashy, vibrant, and spinning lights as headlights. These lights cause disturbance to other drivers while driving. However, the Texas police allow using of them for emergencies only. So, avoid using vibrant lights to prevent accidents.

There’s a rumor that if your car’s headlights have the DOT sign, you can use them. But the real reason is the producer’s self-certification of meeting the federal requirements. It has nothing to do with the legality of blue LED headlights.

You can put purple or green rings around the headlight, but you can’t use blue as the original headlight.

No Colored Headlights

Using red or blue LED lights as headlights are not allowed in Texas. As you know, these lights create a glossy visual disturbing the oncoming driver. You might know that these colored headlights are used for emergency vehicles. So, using ice blue LED headlights while driving in Texas might cost you.

No Under-glow Combination Lights

Remember that you can’t use any under-glow blue lights combo with another color. However, you can use under-glow lights of other colors on your bike. The state won’t bother you even if you use aftermarket lights.

No Overbright Lights

You can use headlights of 3,000 lumens at most. But sometimes, SUV headlights seem brighter. Don’t worry! The manufacturer uses the latest technology to make these headlights brighter in the lumen limit.


Blue headlights will cause pain while driving in Texas. As a result, you won’t be able to enjoy a peaceful ride. It’s a real headache if you’re on a cross-country road trip. So, you should know the state law before installing colored LED headlights.

We hope the discourse on whether ice blue LED headlights are legal in Texas has cleared your doubts. Before installing new headlights, you must know the NHTSA laws and the Texas state law. It’ll help you to avoid fining and use the correct colored headlights on your vehicle.

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