Why Does The Jeep Windshield Fold Down?

Jeeps are a lot different from cars and have unique features. Among them, a part worth mentioning is the foldable windshield. Jeeps have had this feature since the 1940s and have still managed to maintain the integrity of this function.

But why does the Jeep windshield fold down? Is it essential, or is it just for show?

A folded windshield creates more space inside the vehicle. This allows more accommodation of goods to be carried to the market. However, protecting the windshield from cracking is also a concern here.

Having a folded windshield can give you a better sight of the terrain. And it will not allow dust to gather inside the cabin.

So yes, foldable windshields for Jeeps are needed. Let’s go into deeper details as to why it is required.

Reasons To Fold Down Windshield

If you are a Jeep lover or have experienced one or two, you are undoubtedly familiar with its unique feature, foldable windshields. Who is not fascinated by this feature? And, of course, all of us have wondered how this came to be and why it is needed.

Do you think it is only for looks? Then you are mistaken. Just like windshields protect the driver, it can also be helpful in some cases to not have one. What makes a folded windshield worthwhile? Let’s find out!

Prevent Windshield Damage

Windshields protect passengers from harm or flying objects, dust, excessive air, cold air, etc. A small stone or an insect might not seem like a big issue when you’re still. But while driving at high speed, these can also prove dangerous.

When you are driving on challenging terrain, there is always a risk of the windshield getting cracked or damaged. If you are speeding, even small objects can significantly impact the windscreen.

So, to save the windshield from getting cracked, you can fold the windshield down and enjoy an open vehicle. But remember to go at a moderate speed to protect yourself from harm’s way.

damage windshield

Dust Accumulation Prevention

Dust can easily collect on the windshield when driving off roads. This can make it hard to navigate your way through the terrain. Also, dust accumulates in the cabin of your Jeep if you have your windshield up.

Therefore, folding the windshield can help keep it free from dust and the cabin clear. A clear view of the roads and pathways are conceivable if you have your windshield down on a dusty road.

Better Road Detection

As dust and dirt can gather quickly on windshields, it becomes hard to see the direction where you are going. Driving when you cannot see what’s in front of you can prove dangerous.

In such cases, you should fold your windshield. As most dusty roads are off-trail, cars cannot reach these places. Jeeps are ideal vehicles for an off-road journey.

Therefore, the folding windshield feature is introduced in Jeeps to get the ultimate experience while keeping you safe.

To Carry Commodities

Farmers or field workers have benefitted much from the folding windshield feature. They can carry their goods and commodities in the extra space the folded windshield allows.

Also, keeping the windshield folded makes loading and unloading products from the vehicle easier. Driving through farmland collects dust on the transport. And the folded windshield is a better choice in such cases.

Historical Value

Folded windshields have been in play since the 1940s. During the war, this feature played a vital role in fights. Shooting from the running vehicle was made accessible because of the open space in front of shooters.

Machine guns could be mounted on the vehicle. And because the front space was open, their range could be adjusted. That functioned as a critical strategy during war times.

However, removing the wounded from the battlefields was also made accessible due to the folding feature. It was convenient to carry, load, or unload dead bodies from a Jeep with an opened windshield.

So, many want to preserve the history of Jeeps and maintain that integrity. Therefore, folding windshields are still in play.

For The Looks

Yes, Jeep windshields definitely fold down for the looks. People these days not only want a vehicle that facilitates their needs but also gives them a good look.

Keeping your Jeep windshield down will give you that extra cool edge that you are looking for. Any other transport is unable to provide a similar aestheticism.

Air circulation

The heat from the engine can quickly heat the compartment inside the Jeep. This can make your ride an unpleasant experience. But proper air circulation can spread the heat from the machine instead of keeping it confined within a particular space.

So, you can keep the windshield of your Jeep folded if you are dealing with a heating issue. This will allow a cool breeze to pass through, spreading the heat from the vehicle to the outside.

Should You Drive A Jeep With A Folded Windshield?

Though there are no restrictions on driving with folded windshields on trails, there might be restrictions on highways. Consult your local authority or read the guidelines to know if it is allowed in your area.

Folded windshields are beneficial as well as a risk factor. You must keep your speed at a low limit if exposed to the outside environment. Rocks or any other object hitting you is not what you want to experience on any journey. It will only increase the chances of causing severe accidents.

So to avoid any haphazard relating to this, some rules are in place to maintain certain speed limits or take safety precautions like wearing eye shields. But no matter the need, keeping the windshield up while driving on highways is suggested.

How To Fold The Windshield Of the Jeep Wrangler JL

There is nothing like an open-air feeling when driving off-road. The new Jeep Wrangler JL has introduced a folding windshield feature in their technology. This gives you the utmost pleasure in driving the Jeep.

Folding the windshield of the Wrangler is as easy as the old Jeeps. To do so, start by putting your soft top down. Or you can remove the front freedom panels from the hardtop of your wrangler.

Next, you will remove the nuts holding caps of the windshield wipers. Detach them from the vehicle and keep all elements in a safe place.

After that, you will have to deal with the upper windshield frame. Remove the four torch bolts on the inside. The windshield will now fold down on the hood stops.

You can take it out entirely if the folded windshield obstructs your visual line. Remove the two hinge bolts, and you are good to go!

Final Words

The matter of folding windshields has now become a questionable topic. People are asking if we really need it. Even though it has much utility, this feature is only for some.

Whether you want to preserve your heritage is also a considerable fact. But all things kept apart; Jeep seems determined to simplify the folding of windshields in their models.

We hope we have rid you of your curiosity about why Jeep windshields fold down. If you find the folding feature something you want to try, then don’t wait any longer to get on the road!

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