Are Jeep Halo Lights Legal? [Everything Discuss]

One of the popular ways for the owners of Jeep automobiles is the installing halo lights. They look particularly incredible at night. As a result, they are called angel eyes. But the question remains – are Jeep halo lights legal?

The American Association Of State Transportation And Highway Officials doesn’t have any directory on the headlights. It varies from state to state in the continental USA. Most states allow halo lights colored yellow, amber, and white. They tend to ban green and red ones as they are traffic light colors. 

Legal issues concerning this matter are a bit tricky. But don’t worry; I have conducted a deep analysis of this topic supplemented by additional information.

All You Need to Know About Jeep Halo Lights

Halo lights are a unique assembly of ring-shaped luminous units inside the headlight. They make the car look more fantastic and more aggressive at the same time. In the dark, they look particularly gorgeous.

Each car has its distinctive kit package to be installed in. They are often regarded as angel eyes. Their role is not to replace the traditional lights but rather complement them.

Legal Intricacies of Halo Lights for Your Jeep

There are a lot of legal complications for halo lights in the mainland USA. In the USA, there are three tiers of law enforcement accountable to 3 different stages of government.

Federal Government Regulations

Firstly, there is the Department Of Transportation (DOT). They are a wing of the central government of the USA at the federal level.

They have specified that halo lights with a color other than amber (yellow) or white are non-compliant. As a result, you cannot illuminate them while driving. If you do so, the feds can take action against you.

State Government Regulations

There is the 2nd tier of regulations authorized by the state government. The state government refers these cases to the department of motor vehicles. The rules are set by them and enforced by the state police.

For most states, the allowable colors are white and amber. However, some states allow exceptions, such as the lone star state of Texas. They have regulations against blue and red. California allows only for white and amber.

Local Government Regulations

For the third part of regulatory authorities, I refer you to the county officials of your locality. You can check their local directory for further instructions.

But most of the time, they are usually in compliance with state laws. You can call the local sheriff’s office or the county clerk before making up your mind.

Where to Buy Halo Lights for Your Jeep?

You can buy your favored halo lights in various colors from standard online marketplaces. They are also available in after-market stores too.

Jeep halo lights are officially dubbed as waterproof surface mount LED halo kits. They can be directly installed outside your headlights. In addition, the modern halo lights don’t require you to oven-bake the headlight to install the internal rings.

Jeep Halo Light Technical Specifications

In most cases, Jeep halo lights are twelve volts. There is also the choice of using a dedicated controller or switch to connect it to the parking lights. A limited-time warranty is given for the items if purchased in online marketplaces.

Things Included In the Jeep Halo Light Package

Mounts to the light and the light itself are sold separately. In most cases, there will be two watertight halo rings, two speedy connecting wires, two wide-voltage external drivers, and adhesive boosters in a single package.

The installation process has been made effortless thanks to the adhesion promoters. But even if you encounter difficulties, you can always open up the instruction manual that usually comes with the package. It generally requires one to two hours.

Jeep Halo Light Colors and Pricing

The most common colors for Jeep halo lights are white, amber, red, blue, green, and a particular color called the color shift-bc1.

The white ones are the least expensive, just under 200 USD. Other colors, except the special edition, cost approximately a couple of hundred bucks. At the same time, the shift-bc1 will set you back more than 250 US dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are halo lights legal in the state of California?

Yes, halo lights for Jeeps are legal in California, but they must comply with only white and amber colors. The Department Of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is notorious for its strict regulations. Intelligent traffic monitoring systems are always on the lookout for such violations. 

Can you install after-market lights in the state of Texas?

Yes, you can install after-market lights for your Jeep in Texas, but the state prohibits using blue and red lights on its DPS website. Therefore, you can choose to go for the green, orange, and amber ones. It is best to check with your local county office for further regulations.

What are the best color options for halo lights for Jeep?

The best options for Jeep halo lights are undoubtedly amber and white. They are straightforward to come by and legal everywhere. The rest of the colors can draw the attention of law enforcement agencies.


It is understandable why you would want to install halo lights on your Jeep. Halo lights make the car stand out among others. But while doing so, you must comply with the rules and regulations about whether Jeep halo lights are legal.

Our analysis found that white and amber halo rings are the most acceptable everywhere. However, the red and green ones are the ones that have been struck down by most of the regulatory authorities. The justification is that they are traffic lights and can be easily mixed up.

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