Flashing Gas Cap Light On Jeep: Why & How To Fix It?

Gas caps work like a wall in cars, especially in Jeeps, to keep the fuel in its place. It’s a crucial part of the Jeep since drivers love to drive them on diverse surfaces. Hence, this leads to various gas-cap-related issues which flash the gas cap light. So, why does the gas cap light flashes in a Jeep?

Reasons like greasy O ring and damaged fuel pressure cap indicator are the main culprit behind the illumination of the light. The light comes on if you remember to close the gas cap tightly. You’ll notice symptoms like a broken gas cap, grease around the gas cap, and an O ring when the gas cap light pops on.

It would help if you didn’t drive your Jeep once you notice the gas cap light. Contact an expert motorist ASAP to repair your Jeep’s gas cap.

Symptoms Of A Flashing Gas Cap Light In A Jeep

You’ll find various reasons for a flashing gas cap light in your Jeep once you run a deep scan. Some signs are similar to many engine issues, while some are to Jeep issues.

If you’re in a fix about the symptoms to confirm the reasons behind the illumination of the gas cap light, the below points will help you to understand.

Unsecured Gas Cap

An unsecured gas cap means you might’ve lost it or it isn’t safely put back in its place. As a result, the gas cap light comes on instantly. Sometimes, the screws aren’t appropriately fixed, making the gas cap unsecured.

Jammed With Dirt

If you’ve fixed the screws, but the gas cap light is flashing, there’s dirt around your Jeep’s gas cap. It means you haven’t cleaned the lines regularly, causing this problem over time. As a result, the gas cap light comes on whenever you’re driving or filling up the tank.

Old Gas Cap

An old gas cap is the most common issue behind a flashy gas cap light. When your Jeep’s gas cap is quite old, it can’t stay in its position for long. Consequently, it comes out of its place, making the gas cap light pop on.

Jeep Gas Cap

Check Engine Light ON

An illuminated check engine light indicates various issues in a Jeep’s engine. However, inspect the gas cap and related parts if you notice a flashing check engine light.

Why The Jeep Gas Cap Light Is ON? 3 Reasons

It’s pretty easy to find the reasons behind the gas cap light illumination once you identify the symptoms. I recommend you contact an expert mechanic to inspect the grounds for confirmation if you’re a newbie.

If you’re on a tight budget and want to DIY the reasons, follow this analysis.

Forgetting To Put It Back

Remind if you forget to put the gas cap back. Many drivers fail to put on the gas cap after filling the tank. As a result, the light stays on for a long time.

Greasy O Ring

The O ring is a crucial part of the fuel pump system residing on the gas cap. When you drive your Jeep, it helps in igniting fuel for more power. Consequently, dirt and oil accumulate around the ring, making it hard for you to close the gas cap line.

Defective Fuel Cap Indicator

The Jeep’s electrical units often malfunction and illuminate the Jeep’s gas cap light. Sometimes the opposite also takes place. It’s not likely to happen, but you should cross-check to find the reason.

Method Of Diagnosing The Reasons Of A Faulty Jeep Gas Cap Light

If you can diagnose the reasons behind your Jeep’s flashing gas cap light, you’re halfway down to solving the problem. But it isn’t enjoyable for veterans and newbies to go through the whole process.

So, I’ve simplified the diagnosing procedure so you can detect the reasons behind an illuminated gas cap light on your Jeep.

Step #1: O Ring Inspection

First, locate the O ring in your Jeep’s gas cap. The gas cap’s position may vary depending on your Jeep model. Check if there’s any debris around the ring. If you find any dirt accumulation, clear it.

Step #2: Checking Gas Vent Line

You should always pay attention to the gas vent line that delivers fuel to convert power. Sometimes, a leakage in the vent line is another reason behind an illuminated gas cap line. So, you must run a deep cross-checking to confirm the issue is gas cap related.

Step #3: Damaged Pressure Sensor

Inspect the pressure sensors if you don’t find any issues, even after diagnosing the O ring and the gas vent line. When there’s an issue in the vent line, the pressure sensors will fail to determine the balanced pressure.

As a result, the value fluctuates significantly. So, you should check the pressure sensors thoroughly to confirm the gas cap issue.

Step-wise Guide To Reset An Illuminated Jeep Gas Cap Light

You can quickly fix the gas cap light issues once you’ve confirmed the reasons and the signs. Setting it’ll be pretty elementary when you know your Jeep’s specs properly. If you don’t know how to solve the gas cap light problem, an expert mechanic will fix it for a fair labor fee.

You don’t have the budget to repair the gas cap light issue? Then follow this step-wise guideline to DIY the problem.

  • Step #1: Turning Off The Engine: First, turn off your Jeep’s engine once you notice a flashing gas cap light. Wait for a while to cool off the engine.
  • Step #2: Using Safety Equipment: Don’t forget to put on safety equipment like goggles and gloves before you start fixing the light issue. This equipment will save you from severe dangers if things go south.
  • Step #3: Find The Negative Terminal: Now, move to the battery part of your Jeep. You’ll find a negative terminal in the battery. Mark it carefully before detaching the terminal.
  • Step #4: Detach Battery Connector: It would help if you used a wrench to take out the nuts around that particular compartment. Once you separate the nuts, detach the battery connector safely.
  • Step #5: Wait A Few Minutes: Leave the connector in a comfortable place after you’ve detached it from the battery. Leaving it for a few minutes helps to cool it off and accelerate the reattaching procedure.
  • Step #6: Reconnection: Reattach it to the battery after you’ve cooled off the connector. Use the same wrench to tighten the nuts after attaching the connector.
  • Step #7: Recheck: After completing the procedure, try to drive your Jeep. The issue is solved if you don’t notice the gas cap light. But even after performing the whole process, if you still see the gas cap light visible, take your Jeep to the closest repair shop.

Is It Safe Driving With An Illuminated Gas Cap Light?

Well, this question’s answer has a mixed reaction from numerous Jeep drivers. Some drivers say you shouldn’t drive your Jeep with an illuminated gas cap light. On the other hand, some drivers mention it doesn’t affect your Jeep much if you drive with a flashing gas cap light.

Moving with the gas cap light or without the gas cap won’t harm your Jeep if you’re going on a straight and smooth road. The problem starts when you’re driving on terrain.

Fuel begins to leak profusely without an ideal gas cap. As a result, the engine can’t deliver enough power to wheels and other Jeep parts. Consequently, it might lead to severe accidents.

Sometimes, drivers forget to lock the gas cap resulting in fuel waste. So, you shouldn’t drive your Jeep with a flashy gas cap light if you want to sit on the safe side.

Cost Of Fixing A Faulty Gas Cap Light In A Jeep

If you’ve gone through the whole analysis, you’ve understood that fixing the gas cap will solve your Jeep’s illuminated gas cap light. Before you go to a repair shop to fix the Jeep’s faulty gas cap, understand your Jeep’s model and year.

Generally, a famous repair shop will charge you around $106 to fix your Jeep’s damaged gas cap. They’ll charge $11 for parts and the rest as a labor fee.

Sometimes, the price varies depending on the mechanic’s experience solving the problem. Also, owning a vintage model can cause you extra money since it’s tough to manage rare gas caps for them.

Bottom Line

It would be best if you never ignored a gas cap-related problem. If you want a safe journey and smooth driving experience, check your fuel level and the gas cap. Repair the gas cap-related reasons once you notice any signs related to it.

We hope the discourse about the gas cap light in a Jeep has cleared your doubts. Before repairing this issue, confirm the top reasons to ensure the problem.

Always perform a routine check to keep the gas cap clean. Regularly clean the debris around the gas cap and the O ring to keep the gas cap’s function smooth.

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