Why Are Jeep Patriots So Cheap?

Introduced way back in 2006, Jeep Patriot has always been a great budget SUV choice for people of all classes. However, Jeep Patriot SUVs are a well-known exception despite being tagged as an expensive manufacturer.

The Jeep Patriots are less costly and cheap because they were entry-level SUVs with a minimal engine, interior, and very few basic features. Unlike Jeep’s other luxurious vehicles, Patriots were made for the daily commute and a wide range of users.

Jeep Patriot became popular quickly thanks to its outstanding efficiency yet broad affordability. Let us break down the points for why Jeep Patriots are so cheap.

Overview of Jeep Patriot

Jeep Patriot is considered one of the legendary models that have ruled the roads. Being the cheapest SUV, the Jeep Patriot drew a lot of attention. Conveniently placed within many people’s price ranges, the Jeep Patriot quickly rose to the top.

The Jeep Patriot offered an affordable price tag, provided extraordinary off-road performance with a basic engine, and was comfortable despite having a basic interior.

Since 2016 this king of the mass has been discontinued. However, many of them still roam the roads carrying the proud Patriot owners.

Why Are Jeep Patriots Cheap- 6 Reasons

There are quite a few reasons why the Jeep Patriot is so cheap. It is not unusual to become skeptical about seeing a Jeep so cheap. Why are they so inexpensive, actually? Let us find out.

Entry-level Compact SUV

Unlike Jeep’s luxury SUVs, the Patriot is an entry-level compact SUV. Packed with an inline four-cylinder engine with four-wheel drive and six-gear manual transmission, the Jeep Patriot can easily leave its contenders in the dust!

The Jeep Patriot is fuel-efficient and can give you good mileage even after years of use. After that, you just need routine maintenance.

Being such a small SUV, Jeep Patriot still offers vast cargo space and can carry up to 2000 pounds. Moreover, as no top-tier engine is involved, it dropped the price of the Jeep Patriot significantly.

Moderate Interior

The Jeep Patriot tops the economy class vehicles. However, the comfort level is not what you would get from other Jeep models. The seats and interior are not lavish; do not expect flashy, leathered cushions.

Despite having a basic interior, the Jeep Patriot is still more comfortable than other cars within a similar price range.

No Powered Windows or Doors

Jeep has cut down extra premium features like auto door openings in the Patriot to make it more cost-efficient. Instead, you have to manually open and close the windows and doors of the Jeep Patriot.

No use of automation sensors made this model way cheaper than other Jeep vehicles.

Jeep’s Take on Affordable Vehicles

To keep competing in the ever-challenging market, Jeep had to come up with a consumer-friendly vehicle. But unfortunately, luxurious and expensive cars do not cater to most people as they cannot afford them. This is where the Jeep Patriot breaks through.

Jeep introduced their cheapest ever model within an affordable range and with excellent efficiency. The Patriots did not disappoint them. It was crowned the most popular compact SUV for many consecutive years!

Not Meant for Luxury

The Jeep Patriot is not a state-of-the-art vehicle. It is more like an everyday commuter used by all classes of people. Basic features like air conditioner and airbags are included, of course, but nothing special.

It uses very down-to-line, ordinary materials. The car body and interior are not made of exquisite materials. Using cheap materials cut down the cost of the SUV by a mile.

Ordinary Riding Experience

Jeep Patriot carries the traditional Jeep style of boxed Cherokee. The Patriot is a small family SUV and offers a decent riding experience. However, do not go expecting a high-end, super comfortable riding experience.

The acceleration and transmission are smooth and can handle mild off-road tracking. But it will not give a pleasurable ride if you push it a bit far.

The suspensions may not be able to hold, and you will risk damaging the car due to the defective materials used.


Despite being discontinued, Jeep Patriots are still quite a grab. The affordability and popularity of this model continue to rise even years after production. For those searching for an economical yet reliable and efficient Jeep, the Patriot is the best choice.

As Jeep intended, a small, basic, and compact SUV like Patriot should not cost much. That’s the main reason you can get a Jeep Patriot cheaply. So, if you were surprised why Jeep Patriots are so cheap, you got the answer!

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