How To Clear Service 4WD Light On Jeep?

The 4WD light is one of the crucial parts of a vehicle, pointing to various vehicle issues. Once you notice this light means there’s a problem in your car. So, you must take care of the 4WD light issue by clearing it. But how to clear a service 4WD light yourself?

You should check the 4WD light first. Then, detach the knee bolster and dash bezel of the car. Now take out the assembly switch to see if it solves the problem. Take out the TCCM of the vehicle to fix the dimming of the 4WD light. Lastly, pulling out the battery’s negative line and reconnecting them might solve it.

It would help if you ran a cross-check before fixing the 4WD light issue. It’ll save you money and time. If you don’t know how to DIY it, contact a mechanic.

Critical Scenarios Behind An Illuminated 4WD Light

Are you noticing the service 4WD light but don’t know why it’s happening? Well, it’s a pretty common issue if you’re unaware of the reasons behind the dimming 4WD light. Generally, the service 4WD light flashes in three crucial cases involving various vehicle parts.

So, if you’re eager to know these critical cases, tag along to understand them properly.

Case 01: Exhausted Transfer Case

An exhausted transfer case is likely to happen when you own a light-duty Jeep. Driving in mud, thick snow, and through rocks is tough if your vehicle doesn’t have low-range gearing. Consequently, your car’s wheels are spinning without any forward speed.

No forward motion, but the wheels are running means the transfer case is exhausted. It supplies power to the front and back axles. So, when overheating, it fails to provide power to these essential vehicle parts. Finally, the 4WD light starts to dim.

Case 02: Defective Sensors

The 4WD vehicle is dependent on a network-based system containing sensors and switches. It receives information from these sensitive parts and informs the approach about the throttle location to the wheel’s velocity and position.

If there’s any defective sensor in your vehicle’s system, it fails to process the data. As a result, your car fails to determine various components’ locations. Finally, resulting in an illuminating 4WD light.

Case 03: System Working ‘Fine’!

Sometimes the service 4WD still flashes even if your car is operating correctly. When the light comes on, it might mean the system is working just fine. However, when your vehicle’s tire doesn’t have the required traction, the service 4WD light will illuminate. You can check our tips about Jeep traction control lights.

There are times when the 4WD light flashes without any reason. In that case, the light itself is defective. Many times, the system works fine even though the engine is making a rattling noise. You’ll notice the 4WD light even in this issue.

Simple Method To Diagnose The 4WD Light Issue

Before you solve your car’s service 4WD light issue, it’s vital to diagnose the operating system to confirm it. Once you ensure the problem is related to the 4WD light cases, you can quickly fix them. A mechanic is ideal for diagnosing the symptoms and the case to correct the problem.

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to ask a mechanic to check it, you can DIY it by this method.

Step 01: Turn Off The Engine

When you notice an illuminated service 4WD light, park your car. Then, turn off the engine. Before you turn off your vehicle’s engine, park it in an appropriate parking place. After parking it, it would be best to turn off the engine.

Step 0: Maintain Neutral State

Switch your car to the neutral position after you’ve appropriately parked it. Now, go to the 4WD system. When you hear a noise while switching to the 4WD system, it means you’re doing it accurately.

Once you’ve switched your vehicle to 4WD mode, try to drive 10 to 12 feet from the parking spot. It’ll help the car to adjust to the front-wheel drive hubs.

Step 03: Inspect Wheel Resistance

In this step, rotate your vehicle’s wheels to inspect their resistance. You can move these wheels in any direction and forward to check their resistance. If you hear any noise while driving, it means the 4WD system is working perfectly.

On the other hand, no noise from the wheels while converting to the 4WD system means your car has a severe 4WD issue.

Step-By-Step Guide To Clear The Service 4WD Light

Now that you know how to diagnose your vehicle for a potential 4WD issue, it’s pretty elementary to clear the service 4WD light. Sometimes, fresh drivers mess up while removing the 4WD light. In that case, contacting an experienced mechanic is the best choice.

But you can DIY it if you don’t have time and money for a mechanic to fix the 4WD light issues. So, how can you clear the service 4WD light yourself? This step-wise guide is here to make things easy for you.

Step 01: Inspect The Service 4WD Light

First, locate the service 4WD light on your vehicle’s dashboard. Its form varies according to a car’s brand and model. The service 4WD light flashes in many cars while it turns red in some vehicles.

Step 02: Take Out The Knee Bolster And Dash Bezel

Now, remove the knee bolster and dash bezel after you’ve diagnosed your vehicle for the service 4WD light. You should apply gentle force to take out the dash bezel.

Remember to use a screwdriver while removing the knee bolster. First, pull out the screws and then detach the knee bolster. Keep the screws in a safe place to secure them.

Step 03: Remove The Assembly Switch

Removing the assembly switch is pretty elementary yet stressful. Try to apply equal force from every end while removing the switch assembly. Otherwise, using too much power can break it. You can ask for a helping hand to safely remove the switch assembly.

Step 04: Disconnect The Transfer Case Control Module (TCCM)

Start your car’s engine to check if the 4WD light is still dimming. If you notice that the service 4WD light isn’t flashing, you’ve fixed the issue. On the other hand, an illuminating 4WD light means the TCCM is at fault.

You’ll find the TCCM behind the switch assembly. If you don’t know how the TCCM looks, it’s a gray box connected to the switch assembly by two wires. Now, remove the lines and check if it solves the issue.

Step 05: Separate The Battery’s Negative Line

This is the final step; even after detaching the TCCM didn’t fix the dimming 4WD light. Follow your vehicle manual to locate the battery. Then, separate the negative lines.

Let it cool off for about an hour after you’ve removed the negative cables. Reattach the negative line once it’s cooled off. Start your car’s motor and look for a flashing 4WD light. If you don’t find any means, you’ve solved the issue. Remember to connect the negative port and fix it tightly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Like many people, you may be too keen to know about the small details regarding the illuminating 4WD light. Or you might’ve got an important meeting to attend, so you can’t go through the whole analysis. Well, if that’s the case, these little frequently asked questions are a blessing.

What is the fixing cost of service 4WD light?

Various factors like your vehicle’s model, year, and brand affect the service 4WD light’s fixing cost. Generally, you may need between $800 to $1300 to repair the service 4WD light issue, including the mechanic’s fee. Most repair shops don’t include taxes and additional charges in the bill. So, you might want to add that.

Should I drive with a dimming 4WD light?

Experts recommend driving with a dimming 4WD light on smooth pitches. However, you shouldn’t drive your car if the 4WD light is flashing continuously. But you can start moving once the light stops after you’ve stopped for a while. I recommend you not drive in any state if you notice a dimming 4WD light.

Is 4WD an electrical problem?

Yes, sometimes, the illuminating service 4WD light is an electrical issue. You should go through the crucial electrical parts to solve the dimming 4WD light issue.

Is diagnosing mandatory to repair the service 4WD light?

Diagnosing helps you to confirm if the dimming of the 4WD light is occurring due to what reasons. So, diagnosing is mandatory before you repair the service 4WD light. You might discover some severe problems while diagnosing the 4WD light.

Bottom Line

The 4WD light lets you know there might be a severe problem in your vehicle. So, it would be best if you didn’t ignore it at any cost. Clearing it means you’ve fixed the dimming 4WD lights and related problems.

I hope the discourse about how to clear service 4WD light has provided you with the required knowledge. Don’t forget to diagnose your car’s electrical components once you notice this light. A routine check will help you to avoid flashing 4WD light issues.

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