Granite Crystal Metallic Jeep [Know Everything]

Jeeps come in various colors, and you can choose the color while buying or change it after using it for a while. Besides the white color, granite crystal is another favorite metallic color among the jeeps. It has some great features. So, granite crystal metallic jeep can be a top choice among customers.

The granite crystal metallic color gives a sparkling look in broad daylight and a deep gray look in low light. It’s comparable to sting gray. But the Jeep has all the features you need like high powered engine, durable body, and rim, mileage, better transmission, door variations, etc. You can also paint the granite crystal color afterward if you like it.

There are no significant issues found in the granite crystal metallic jeep. But if you buy a used one, you should inspect it properly.

How Does The Granite Crystal Metallic Color Look On Your Jeep?

Granite crystal is one of the most popular colors of jeeps. It’s pretty similar to sting gray because it has dark shades.

However, the difference is that granite crystals have metallic flakes. So, it looks a bit deeper than the sting gray.

You can easily see it in lower light. But in direct sunlight, it will show some sparkles. That’s why granite crystal metallic paint is darker than billet silver. The color looks pretty classic in daylight.

It’s not even very eye-catching, which is preferable to many customers. The color variation also comes with some internal changes and features.

Features Of Granite Crystal Metallic Jeep

The granite crystal metallic jeep lacks no features than other models and color variations. However, the features are more remarkable than some average models. Let’s take a look:


It has four-wheel disc brakes, which help to ride on rough roads without any trouble.

Fuel & Transmission Type

In granite crystal metallic jeeps, you can find petrol, diesel, and gasoline engines. However, the transmission type will always be a 5-speed automatic transmission.

Jeep Type

The granite crystal metallic color can be found on jeep gladiator, jeep grand Cherokee, jeep wrangler, etc.


It has a V6 engine with a 3.6-to-4-liter capacity. So, you don’t need to worry about the power.


You can have 21 to 23 mileage per gallon from a granite crystal metallic jeep.

Interior & Exterior

The interior part has leather seats. But the exterior looks glossy and sparkles under the sunlight. It looks deep and gloomy in low light and at night.

2/4 Doors

Of course, you will have a choice of 2 and 4 doors on your granite crystal metallic jeep. So, you can have more space at the back to keep your things.

granite crystal metallic jeep Wrangler
Granite crystal metallic Jeep Wrangler

Is Granite Crystal Metallic Worth Buying?

Yes, why not? The granite crystal metallic jeep will be worth every penny if you buy it.

The jeep wrangler, Cherokee, or gladiator comes with a crystal metallic color. And they have pretty high demand in the market.

On top of that, the crystal format gives sparkle in the sunlight and deepness at night. Such a combination is popular among the customers.

Granite crystal metallic Jeep doesn’t have any lacking features compared to other variations. Instead, you can get some advantages like different looks on day and night, high power engine, better mileage than average models, gloss grille, durable body, rim, etc.

You can also choose between two-door and four-door models of jeeps. Even if you buy a used one, you can still paint your favorite granite crystal metallic color.

So, it’s not much tough to decide whether buying a granite crystal jeep is worth it or not.

Are There Any Issues With The Granite Crystal Metallic Color?

Typically, there’s no issue with the granite crystal color on your Jeep. However, opinions may vary from person to person.

That’s because, in low light, the granite crystal color might look like dark gray, which some people don’t prefer. Similarly, some people don’t like sparkles on their Jeep because they might be eye catchy. The color even hides minor scratches or chips.

But things can go a bit different when you paint the granite crystal on your different Jeep. The color will have quality variations. And if the low-quality color is painted, it will peel off within months and show different cracks on the skin.

Can You Paint Granite Crystal Metallic Color On Your Own?

Well, it depends on your knowledge of paint jobs on jeeps. That’s because painting houses and jeeps are not the same.

The granite crystal paint can cost you around $20 to $40 (only the paint). And then you must buy other accessories to paint your Jeep with granite crystal metallic color.

The whole job will need to be done by hand; without proper knowledge, the task can go wrong. Then you will have an unfinished or improper paint job on your Jeep.

So, it would be better to call a professional and get the job done. They can tell the proper combination of colors and how to paint. However, you will need to pay an hourly rate.

Bottom Line

The granite crystal metallic jeep has a pretty gorgeous color. It is close to sting gray but much deeper in low light. You can easily hide minor scratches with the granite crystal color.

Hopefully, the granite crystal metallic jeep discussion has covered all the points you need to know. You can also paint your existing Jeep with granite crystal color; with some painting knowledge, you won’t need a high cost. Drive safe and roam around your Jeep in style!

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