How Much Does It Cost To Paint a Jeep Wrangler?

Jeep Wrangler is a renowned 4×4 vehicle in the world. People love this one for adventuring and surviving. With more versatility options, you can even ride on rugged to off-road without any hassle.

You will feel the thrill of it. The jeep wrangler is the name for taking adventure experience to the next level. But people can hardly ignore its customizability within the range. Surely you don’t want to miss this piece as it is. For that, painting or repainting is the option you got!

No worries, we will cover you up here with the possible queries you can face to paint your Jeep. From price to budget, you will get everything here.

How Much Does It Actually Cost To Paint A Jeep Wrangler?

Painting a jeep wrangler cost can be much higher than you imagine! It’s not good to spend a lot unnecessarily. But you can keep the cost within your limit somehow. You can expect to pay something between $150 to $300. Eventually, you can spend around $1000 to get something more with it.

However, the average cost is not that much to make it unaffordable. But the cost depends on some factors. Lots of ways there to make it short. If you get a weekend, then you can do it by yourself.

Also, hiring someone to do it for you is another option available to you. In this case, you may need to raise your budget limit to $3000 to $5000.

jeep wrangler with custom paint
Jeep Wrangler with custom paint: Image source- Pinterest

Paint Your Jeep Wrangler Yourself and Save Money

Painting by yourself is a great idea to save money. It will be fun as much satisfaction. You can minimize the cost maximum. Estimate the cost limit within your budget; even $200 will be fine enough.

Combine the paint colors with your imagination. And finally, choose your favorite color and start to paint your Jeep. You can easily find everything from paint shops without any hassle. Make sure to buy additional materials like paint guns to make them handier.

How Much Can A Professional Demand To Paint a Jeep Wrangler?

Hiring professional painters is another way to get the paint work done. It will save time and energy, especially if you want a more decent paint job. But the thing is, professionals can demand more for their quality of work and service.

A professional painter can charge you hourly to paint your jeep wrangler even extra for their services. This can increase your cost but is worthy of getting their service. Therefore, we suggest you get quotes from various professionals around you.

jeep wrangler paint
Jeep Wrangler Paint Job: Photo credit:

That will ultimately help you compare the service and their rate. Then, decide accordingly what you will get and how much to give. Based on the area, professionals can charge up to $3000 to paint a jeep wrangler.

Do You Need to Paint Your Jeep Wrangler?

Think twice, why do you need to paint your Jeep? It will help you decide exactly what you need to get the paint work done. You may repaint your old Jeep or buy a new one rather than paint it.

You can also consider the good-looking bodywork on the Jeep. Coats of paint can satisfy you ultimately. There can be a hundred reasons for it. But it can be different if you want to paint it to increase its resale value.

Nevertheless, painting your Jeep is an excellent way to maintain it. You will get the style and a protection level due to the painting on the body. Moreover, painting the Jeep can convert the old look into a new one. You will love to enjoy a new look for your Jeep that looks unique from the rest.

Painting Advantage of Your Jeep Wrangler

Painting your jeep wrangler will give you lots of benefits along with fun and style. Maintaining and enhancing the value is a good way to do so. Below are some advantages:

  • Painting each time increases the life of your Jeep much longer use.
  • Your jeep wrangler will be protected from dust and rust by painting.
  • In extreme weather conditions, it gives an extra level of resistance.
  • It gives you a new look and increases the jeep resale value.
  • A good way to ignore minor scratches on the body.

However, It is a good habit to clean and maintain your Jeep regularly.

Painting Vs. Wrapping: Which One Will Be Better?

Painting and wrapping are the two most suitable ways to customize your jeep wrangler. But which one will be better for you?

wrap jeep wrangler
Wrap jeep wrangler

The painting process uses paint matching with the paint color code. Therefore you can easily combine the colors and patterns to make it unique. And that’s why most professionals recommend this.

On the other hand, wrapping with vinyl material is also another way of painting. It’s more of a shortcut than a painting job.

However, painting is a bit more costly compared to the wrapping cost of a Jeep Wrangler. So if you want something temporary and within a minimal budget, you can think about wrapping. Otherwise, the painting would be the best choice.

6 Budget-Friendly Jeep Wrangler Painting Ideas to Cut Your Cost Down

If you want to allocate your budget, you can calculate the cost per 100 square feet. There are also some cost savings ideas to save your money. You can easily keep it short within your limit.

  • Hire anyone. Just do it yourself as a DIY project. This will give you satisfaction and fun.
  • Make enough time for the project. Time will help you slowly but can minimize the cost.
  • Shop before you start the project. Buying a plan can help you buy with an offer price.
  • Use resources that you already have, like a paintbrush, paint guns, bucket, and other necessary things.
  • Try to avoid repaint within a short period. Do it when necessary.
  • Try to compare the labor cost from local paint shops. Get quotes online as well to check the lowest rate.


How Much Does It Cost To Recolor A Jeep?

To recolor a jeep, you may need to spend $2000 to $4000 based on the quality and service you need.

What Do I Need To Paint My Jeep?

To paint your Jeep, you need paint color, a paint sprayer or paint gun, and a dust-proof room to do the paint.

How Long Does It Take To Paint A Jeep Wrangler?

Depending on your plan, you can finish the paint job in several hours or a day. You may need more time to set the paints on the body.

Video Source: Judah Findley


Painting a jeep wrangler yourself is not an easy task. Doing it yourself can save money. But doing it wrongly can ruin the beauty of your jeep wrangler. Therefore it’s wise to get help from an expert and experienced one. It can be easier than with a bit of a moderate budget.

However, planning is the right way to decide what to get and what would be the best. Then, you can estimate the cost with the available resources and quotes. So you will have a clear idea of how much it costs precisely.

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