How Do You Fix Low-Beam Headlights Not Working?

Headlights are the most important parts and features of a Vehicle. When headlights are not working this can be dangerous for anybody and accidents may occur.

When you notice that your headlights are not working, you should check whether the electricity connection is loose or damaged.

If it doesn’t occur then you should replace the bulb. If it still doesn’t work, it may be a wiring problem or a fuse problem. Then you should go for a mechanic.

In this article, I will discuss the following thing-

Basic Reasons for Headlights Not Working and How to Fix It

Most low-beam headlights have a few basic components like-

  • Blubs
  • A relay
  • A switch
  • A fuse

Most vehicles have daytime running lights, fog lights, and adaptive headlights. But the idea is the same. When you turn on the headlights that activate the switch. That switch activates a relay.

That relay actually provides the electrical connection between the battery and the bulb. Fuses are also involved to protect the wiring.  If any of the components do not work properly, your headlights will fail.

A common reason for headlights not working is an electrical issue or an issue with the bulbs themselves. If you find a case that is related to the blown fuse, you can replace the fuse with the same amp rating.

One Low-beam Headlight

low beam headlight bulb

Before starting your driving you should check all components like the switch, battery, headlights, etc. But without starting the keypress of a vehicle it is unable to check whether the headlights are working or not.

First of all, while driving you have to confirm which bulb is not working. If you find that one low-beam headlight is not working or is blown out, you have to repair it. Otherwise, it will be risky to drive.

However, as I have told you before that when you found one low-beam headlight not working, you should check if the connection is either loose or damaged. If it occurs then repair it.

But if you find the bulb has burned out, you can replace them. Some vehicles have a single bulb for both high and low-beam light. But, if the high beam on the same side is also out, it may be one bulb. If it occurs, it could also be an electrical issue.

If you find the fuse has blown out, you can locate the headlight circuit and can replace the fuse with the same amp rating. But still doesn’t work, it could be a wiring problem. In this case, you should go to a professional mechanic for diagnosis.

Both Low-beam Headlights

Usually, both low-beam headlights don’t burn out together. It is common for one to burn out earlier than the other. If both headlights are not working that indicates burnout bulbs or an issue with power or ground.

Most headlights fail due to bad components such as a relay, module, or fuse. Wiring problems can also be responsible for both headlights to stop working.

First of all, you have to check the power and ground and you should take the necessary steps to fix it. If it is all right, you should check the headlight fuse. If you find a blown fuse, you have to replace it.

When you replace a blown fuse with a new one, It is important to use a new fuse with the same amperage. But when you find that the fuse isn’t blown, you should check the wiring.

If you find that the wiring is all ok, you should check the bulb. If you find that both bulbs have burned out, you have to replace the bulbs. Now I will tell you how to replace a bulb given below:-

How to Replace Low-beam Headlight Bulbs?

First, you have to know your car’s year, make and model. It’s very important to get the correct bulb that matches your vehicle’s model.

Firstly, go to an Auto Parts Store. Headlight codes usually consist of some numbers and the unity of some letters like H12k or D65. If you don’t know your Vehicles model, Year, make, and headlight code, you can check on lightbulbs4cars.

Here all information is given and you can find proper codes for your vehicles.

Next, you need some necessary tools. Some vehicles require special tools to remove the components beam, bulbs under the hood, or sometimes under the bumper.

Most of the vehicles require only screwdrivers or nothing else to gain access to the headlight house. There are three wires in the bulb. The Black one is ground and the other two are positive.

Now disconnect the battery from the negative end. You don’t need to remove the nuts. Just lose it enough from the terminal of the battery. Don’t disconnect the positive terminal of the battery. Next, remove all trim pieces.

After that, disconnect the wire of the bulb and then just remove the bulb from the socket. Locate your bulb there safely and connect the wire of the bulb and also connect all trim pieces one by one.

Finally, it is ready to test. Remember it is hard to remove broken bulbs. Don’t remove broken bulbs with your hands. It may cut your hands.


In the end, it is clear to say that fixing a blown-out fuse or a burned-out low-beam headlight is not so easy. If you don’t have types of equipment such as a screwdriver, or voltmeter, you have to go to a professional mechanic.

So, everybody should keep these initial types of equipment in their vehicles. I have tried to answer the Question on how you fix a low-beam headlight not working.

I think this answer will help you to fix your low-beam headlight problem and your car/jeep headlights will work properly.

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