How Much Does Jeep Uconnect Cost: Prices and Packages

Jeep Uconnect is a valuable feature for navigation and entertainment. It comes in handy in both regular and off-road drives. However, the Uconnect access requirement payment, and you must get a monthly or yearly subscription. But how much does a Jeep Uconnect cost?

The monthly subscription to Jeep Uconnect will cost you $14.99. And the yearly subscription will cost you $149.99 per year. There’s also a free trial period. But you can get it only if you buy a standard package of $20 from AT&T. They will give you a 3-month trial period.

But with AT&T, the data will get slower after using 22GB in a month. However, the features you will get from Uconnect are pretty helpful. But if it’s only for regular driving, you may reconsider.

How Much Will The Jeep Uconnect Cost You?

The Uconnect feature in your Jeep is an infotainment hub. It runs your Jeep’s navigation and entertainment.

However, you will need Uconnect access to enable the features. And it won’t come for free. You need to pay for it. Here is the subscription plan for Jeep Uconnect:

Monthly Subscription

The monthly subscription for Jeep Uconnect will cost you around $14.99. It might be a few dollars extra than your Netflix subscription. But it won’t disappoint you. However, the pricing is not for volume licensing, commercial or OEM customers.

On top of that, the monthly subscription is limited to one purchase of one Uconnect service. That means you can only get one Uconnect access per customer. And you can’t sell or exchange the subscription plan like your Netflix password.

Keep in mind, your Uconnect service will not work after expiring your existing subscription until you subscribe again with a package.

Yearly Subscription

You can also buy a Uconnect pass at a time for a whole year. The annual Uconnect membership will cost you $149.99 per year. And you must know that the package doesn’t have the auto-renewal feature.

Therefore, contact Uconnect customer service when your annual package expires and pay for another year of subscription. You must pay according to the current package cost if the standard price is increased or decreased.

Free Trial Period

Well, Jeep Uconnect isn’t free. But you can get a free trial period with some specific conditions. You must sign up with AT&T for a package that costs $20 per month. Only then will you get the free 3-month trial period with Uconnect.

After using 22GB of data within a month, the connection will get slower as it’s a limited trial period. But the offer is only available for 2020 and 2021 FCA vehicles.

Is Jeep Uconnect Worth It Regarding The Price Point?

When a package costs $14.99 monthly, you might think twice before getting on. But in reality, is the package worth your money? Well, you need to know its features to make a decision.

Jeep Uconnect Features

  • Roadside assistance calls
  • 911 calls
  • Remote unlock and lock
  • Vehicle finder
  • Drive rating report
  • Vehicle health report
  • Remote vehicle start
  • Stolen vehicle assistance

Integrating your phone with your Jeep will give you a smoother and safer experience. However, it won’t be worth your money if you just use these features on regular driving, like going to the office, picking up and dropping off your child.

But you can give it a shot when it’s for off-road adventures. It will also help to modify and make your Jeep a better vehicle.

Final Words

As an infotainment system, Uconnect is quite the right choice for Jeep enthusiasts. It will give you both entertainment and information during your adventures. But Uconnect access isn’t all free. You have to pay for the subscription plan.

Hopefully, the discussion on how much Jeep Uconnect costs has given you the answer you need. Try a free 3-month period with AT&T to ensure the feature is worth it. Have fun, and drive safely!

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