How To Get Dried Bugs Off Windshield?

Dried bugs on the windshield are a pretty annoying matter. It disturbs your vision and demolishes the looks of your car. So, it would help if you took action against such a big mess. But how to get dried bugs off the windshield?

You can use a 1:1 vinegar and water solution to clean the dried bugs from the windshields. Just spray the solution, wait a bit and wipe with a clean microfiber cloth. You can also use high-pressure water with a hose to loosen and wipe out all the bug stains. Windshield cleaners are also available to reduce your effort and clean bugs effectively.

Keep the dried bugs from staying on your windshield. The longer it lasts, the more complicated the effort would be to remove it. Wash your car more often to avoid such a mess.

4 Easy Methods To Get Rid Of Dried Bugs From The Windshield

Dried bugs on the windshield are pretty troublesome. And it would be best if you cleaned them as quickly as possible. There are a lot of methods that you can use to get rid of the dried bugs. However, only a few of them are helpful and recommendable.

Here are the details of those techniques:

1. Vinegar Solution

This one is the best way to remove dried bugs from your windshield. Vinegar is an excellent cleaner for windshields and other household items. Here’s what you need:

  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • A bucket
  • Microfiber cloth
clean jeep Windshield with vinegar

Here are the simple steps to follow in cleaning your windshield:

Step 01: First, dilute the vinegar or make a solution with water. Get a bucket or bowl and make a 1:1 vinegar and water solution.

Step 02: Get the spray bottle and put the mixture into the bottle. Make sure you get a big bottle, or it will be a hassle to pour it several times.

Step 03: If you don’t have a spray bottle, use a clean damp cloth and soak it into the vinegar solution to clean the bug mess.

Step 04: Let the solution rest for 30 minutes for a proper buildup. Don’t wait much longer than that, or else the chemical effectiveness won’t be valid anymore.

Step 05: Spray the solution over your windshield correctly. Make sure you cover all the stained areas.

Step 06: Give it a few minutes to rest, and then grab the microfiber cloth to wipe the whole thing. Spray and wipe multiple times to ensure no dried bugs are left on the windshield.

2. High-Pressure Water

Water is another easy way to clean the stubborn dried bugs from the windshield. However, you must use the water at high pressure. You just need a proper water supply with an adjustable hose pipe. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 01: Connect a flexible hose to your garden water line.

Step 02: Start with slight pressure to cover all the stained pressure. Let them soak a bit.

Step 03: Then, increase the water pressure gradually over the targeted spots. Bugs and their stains will start to fall from the windshield. Use a clean rag to dry the wet glass.

This method won’t be applicable if you leave the dried bugs on your windshield for too long. It would be impossible to remove those stains with just simple water pressure.

clean jeep windshield with pressure water
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3. Soaking

This is another easy method to clean the dried bugs. The process is quicker than the first one. Here’s what you need:

  • Dryer sheet
  • Water (warm would be better)
  • Glass wiper

You must follow these simple steps to get rid of the dried bugs:

Step 01: First, you must soak the windshield with the water hose. You can also soak the dryer sheet and directly use it on the windshield. Either way works on it.

Step 02: Get the dryer sheet and start wiping the bugs from the windshield.

Step 03: Repeat the previous step until all the unwanted grime is removed from the windshield.

Step 04: Rinse the whole windshield with clean water to give a final wash. Use a regular glass wiper to remove the residues you might leave unintentionally.

4. Windshield Cleaner

You can save a lot of time by using windshield cleaners. There are various types of windshield cleaners available in the market. Here are the items you would need:

You must follow these steps for effective cleaning of dried bugs from the windshield:

Step 01: First, apply a generous amount of windshield cleaner on the stained areas. It would dissolve the bug spatters effectively.

Step 02: Let the product rest for a few minutes to act. However, the chemicals inside these cleaners can’t dissolve the bugs completely. They would instead loosen up the bug guts from the surface.

Step 03: Use a clean cloth to remove the loose guts. Repeat the process multiple times until the windshield surface is thoroughly cleaned.

Some Windshield Cleaning Myths

Whenever you see dried bugs on the windshield, any cleaner would do the job. But that’s totally wrong. Not all types of cleaners would suit the glass. In fact, some of them are harmful to your windshield.

Here are some common myths you should avoid cleaning your car’s windshield:


WD-40 is a pretty popular cleaner, and it is an obvious choice for windshields. But it’s not designed for cleaning glasses. The chemical is to remove old grease and oils from metals. Therefore, you must avoid WD-40 to clean your windshield, or it might harm the glass surface.


Coke is a popular soda that’s sometimes used as a cleaning agent. However, it’s not for the windshield or any other glasses. The carbonic acid inside a coke can make a sticky residue. It’s so strong that it can remove paint from the metal surface. Therefore, you must skip it to clean your windshields.

Dish Water

Dish soap is easy because it’s always available in households. But it would be best if you didn’t use it on the windshields to remove dried bugs. Though it’s not harmful to the glasses, it can leave soapy streaks, which need extra effort to clean. It can also remove car paint. So, accidental drops over the car’s body can shade the color.

Automatic Car Wash

You might be relaxed seeing the dried bugs on your windshield because you are about to go on an automatic car wash. Unfortunately, the service can’t remove the bug stains from windshields. It would be manual cleaning.

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Can You Avoid Dried Bugs On Your Windshield?

Having the dried bugs over the windshield is pretty annoying. Though it’s easy to clean, it becomes annoying when it happens frequently. But you can avoid dried bugs on your windshield.

A regular car wash can save you from this annoying situation. All you need to do is just clean your car on a routine schedule. But the most important thing is never to use windshield wipers to clean the bugs.

On the contrary, it worsens the situation. It increases the stained areas by swiping. However, the best idea to avoid the dried bugs is to wax your car and windshield. It won’t let the bug stains attach to the windshield too easily.

Bottom Line

Bugs make it tough to remove the mess when they die and dry over your windshield. Afterward, it would become too disgusting to look at and drive the vehicle. But you can remove them with just a vinegar solution. You just need to know the applying methods.

Hopefully, the discussion has shown you how to get dried bugs off the windshield effectively. You can try multiple methods if one fails to clean the bug stains. Be active and keep the stains on the windshield for later cleaning.

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