How To Make Jeep Speakers Louder- Easy Tricks

Grooving to music while driving always feels the best. However, an authentic Jeep experience must include a great audio system. Off-road driving feels short without loud music. Unfortunately, while Jeep Wranglers are absolutely killing on the road, their factory speakers cannot live up to the hype.

There are a few ways to make your Jeep speaker sound louder. Adding a subwoofer or an AMP can amplify your Jeep’s sound quality. You can also upgrade the audio system’s front speakers or the sound bar for better results. Simply tweaking the system settings can also make your Jeep speakers shine.

The Jeep’s stereo system has had a lot of backlashes from customers for being too weak. In addition, the sound quality and volume are disappointing. No wonder so many people are searching for how to make Jeep speakers louder.

How to Amplify Jeep Speaker Sound – 5 Simple Tips

You can always upgrade your car audio if you feel like your wrangler’s factory speakers are insufficient. However, before upgrading the whole system, try these simple ways to see if the situation improves.

Adding A Subwoofer

A subwoofer can significantly upgrade your Jeep’s sound system. The majority of car enthusiasts suggest getting a subwoofer specifically for Jeeps.

Subwoofer speaker for car or Jeep
Subwoofer speaker

The stock Jeep speakers installed in your Jeep can not provide high-quality audio. So a subwoofer is designed to boost the sound by adding more bass and releasing the load on the small speakers. This way, the pre-built speakers can dish out more quality sounds.

Subwoofers can cost you a fortune. Being as functional as it is, subwoofers can be expensive. But it is worth every penny. Installing a subwoofer to your Jeep wrangler will undoubtedly elevate your musical experience while driving the mountain roads.

In the market, there are many subwoofers available. You can find more than 100 good-quality subwoofers for your Jeep on Amazon. Therefore, you can choose one based on your needs as well as the size of the area where it will be installed.  

Upgrading Front Speakers

The sound pods you get from the Jeep manufacturers are pretty small. “Bigger is better” is always true when it’s about sound quality. Most of the sound is made by your front speakers by upgrading these speakers to the bigger version.

Front Speakers
Jeep speaker

But upgrading the front sound speakers is not a walk in the park. Though front speakers do not cost that much, installing them can be a hefty task. In addition, removing and assembling the sound system of your Jeep needs tedious expertise and time.

We will suggest consulting a professional in this regard. If you are familiar with the technical stuff, you can do the upgrade yourself and save a few hundred bucks.

Adding An Amp

More power means better sound. An amp ensures your audio system has enough power to provide studio-level audio quality and provides the raw power to your sound system. In addition, it increases the system’s power output to make the sound louder.

Your car manufacturer’s stock amp is barely enough to hold against white noise. This weak amp will not be enough to give you a clean sound in noisy areas without distortion. The way to get around is to install an aftermarket amp.

Installing subwoofers usually includes installing an amp. An amp is best installed inside the dash alongside the front speaker pods. It will keep the amplifier safe from moisture and tremor.

The amp needs to be correctly wired to the Jeep battery. It draws power from the battery and allows you to enjoy fine-quality audio. Do not forget to manage the wires correctly, so you do not get shocked.

Upgrading The Sound Bar

The sound bar is vital for the surround sound system. Therefore, a sound bar is generally installed on the ceiling of the Jeep.

Jeep speaker sound bar

To further improve your listening experience, upgrading the sound bar is feasible. You can also try a DIY hack to update your current soundbar without buying a new one. By stuffing your sound bar with polyfill, you can improve the sound quality and volume quite a bit.

Polyfill or polyester stuffing can minimize resonance and trembling in the sound bar and thus improves the audio quality and fidelity.

Reducing Vibrations

Reducing the vibration of the speakers is a great way to enhance your listening experience. The vibrating wires downgrade the sound quality by a mile. The louder you set the volume, the higher bass it reaches. It makes the wires vibrate.

Removing and resetting the wires and wrapping them with foam and tapes is a great idea to reduce excessive vibration. After you finish the process, you should see a noticeable difference in overall sound quality.

Tweaking The Settings To Improve Sound Quality

Sometimes all you will need is a bit of tweaking the settings of your sound system—no need for hardware upgrades or fancy, new speakers. Instead, just go to the system settings of your audio system and make these changes.

Keep the bass level low

Turning the bass level down is necessary for getting louder and clearer sounds. If possible, turn the bass level to less than 0.

The minus setting should clear the extra bass your speakers are producing. Bass makes the sound quality noisy and lowers the volume.

Turn down treble

Contrary to popular beliefs, turning up the treble level does not improve sound quality. Instead, it makes the audio shaky and noisy. Therefore, keeping the treble level to 0 or, at best, 1 is the best setting for maximum loudness.

Turn off bass boost

As mentioned earlier, bass reduces your sound quality by making it unnecessarily shaky. Therefore, turning off the bass boost feature is the best option if you are looking for loud music.

Turn off Fader settings

Fader settings manage the sound delivery in front and back seats. Turning this setting off will improve the loudness.

Adding more speakers

If you have applied all the methods and are still unsatisfied with the result, it is time to upgrade. On the other hand, if you are an audiophile and want to relive the best sound experience in your Jeep wrangler, you can always have more speakers by sacrificing your Jeep space.

Fabricating a Jeep to have more and best quality sound speakers will require some creativity. You can start by adding speakers beneath the seats and in the trunk. Component speakers are great for customizing your vehicle into a rolling radio.


Jeep wranglers are perfect for an outing in the wilderness. Add music to the trip, and you are set to go. Surprisingly, the stock Jeep sound system is not enough to cater to the needs of most. You may find the audio level too low to enjoy. This is where the issue begins.

Upgrading the Jeep speakers is an easy solution to make Jeep speakers louder. However, aftermarket head units are not cheap and require quite a bit of expertise.

Instead, you can try DIY hacks to improve the sound quality and make it louder. Tweaking some of the system settings may also result in an improvement.

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