Troubleshooting Guide for Jeep Uconnect Not Working Problems

Jeep Uconnect is crucial in helping you in different ways, like navigating, entertainment, and communication. You can’t belittle any of these features since they are essential.

However, these services don’t work smoothly when it’s defective. So, what’re the reasons for a Jeep’s Uconnect not working, and what’re the solutions?

The Uconnect doesn’t work correctly when the software is outdated, the touchscreen is defective, and there’s a glitch in the software. If you don’t pay the subscription fee, the Uconnect won’t work either. You can fix most Uconnect issues by restarting the Uconnect. However, Bluetooth-related matters can be resolved through your smartphone.

You should never ignore any Uconnect problems. When you’re aware of the issues, you can easily find solutions. Otherwise, you might end up making it worse.

What Are The Functions Of Uconnect In A Jeep?

If you don’t know Uconnect’s functions in your Jeep, you’ll fail to detect its related issues. Not knowing Uconnect’s functions beforehand hinders identifying the problems and their solutions.

So, what’re the functions of a Jeep’s Uconnect? Here’s a list of them with short explanations.


Navigation is a prime feature of the Uconnect system. It helps you to drive on the right path. Navigation not only covers the driving road but also gives you weather updates. Consequently, it indirectly helps you to keep your Jeep safe.


The Uconnect system also comes with a massive array of entertainment. You can enjoy your favorite melody on the radio via Uconnect. Watching a movie is quite impressive on the Uconnect screen. However, you’ll need a USB stick to carry your selected movie and play it on your Jeep’s Uconnect screen.


Since you’re using your smartphone to pair up with the Jeep’s Uconnect, it helps you to receive calls and messages while driving. You can also make a call while driving.

Common Jeep Uconnect Issues

Various issues arise within a Jeep with a faulty Uconnect system. It slows you down rather than helping you. You’re in big trouble if you’ve been using this feature for a long time and don’t know what issues might arise.

This discussion will help you deeply understand Uconnect’s problems and their severity.

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Defective Touchscreen

The touchscreen exhibits numerous issues when using an older software version. Software glitches and short circuits are sometimes responsible for slow touchscreen response. A broken screen is more visible and easy to detect.

Bluetooth Connection Issues

You can define Uconnect’s Bluetooth problems in various ways. It becomes tough to connect the feature to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Frequency interruption, using older Bluetooth versions, and unstable devices are the prime reason behind a faulty Bluetooth feature.

Outdated Software

Many times, drivers forget to update Uconnect’s functioning software. As a result, it starts to function slowly. Finally, this system stops working, putting you in a severe problem. Without the latest software version, many Uconnect features don’t work correctly. 

Software Glitch

It’s a complicated issue. You’ve to be a pro to identify the Uconnect software glitch issues. The touch screen becoming blurry is a crucial indicator of a software glitch. Other indications like missing icons, delayed response or executing wrong commands also point to a software glitch.

Not Clearing Pairing History

You can pair your Jeep with any smartphone using Uconnect. However, forgetting to check your pairing history will affect your Jeep’s Uconnect feature. Sometimes, this system connects with nearby previous devices, causing problems before driving. 

Due Subscription Fee

If you’re enjoying Uconnect services, you must pay a subscription fee. The Uconnect authority can cut down the services if you don’t pay the price. So, when you notice the feature isn’t working, you should check for due bills.

How To Troubleshoot Jeep Uconnect Problems?

Troubleshooting or solving a Jeep’s Uconnect issue is pretty elementary. You can fix these issues with minimum knowledge, even if you’re a newbie.

Basically, the touchscreen issue and the Bluetooth issue will give you more pain. Also, these issues are the root of other Uconnect-related problems.

These issues are more diverse than most Uconnect problems. So, I’ll elaborately discuss them and other Uconnect matters too.

(1) Fixing The Defective Touchscreen

There are various ways of fixing the Uconnect’s touchscreen. Discover some of these great methods to fix your Uconnect’s defective touchscreen.

Method 01: Soft Reset

If your Jeep has a voice activation system and your smartphone is connected to the Uconnect through Bluetooth. These steps will get you through the touchscreen issues.

  • Use your smartphone’s voice activation feature and hold it for 10 to 20 seconds.
  • You’ll see the Jeep’s trim logo on the screen when it’s switched off.
  •  You’ll see the trim logo once you turn on the screen.
  • Reset complete.
  • Do a cross-check to confirm the reset process.

Method 02: Detaching Negative Ports

Remember to follow this method when the soft reset fails. Otherwise, it might worsen the situation.

  • Detach both or the negative side of your Jeep’s battery.
  •  Leave it for 5 minutes.
  • Reattach the terminals.
  • Switch on your Jeep’s ignition.
  • Reset Done.
  • Don’t forget to recheck the process.

Method 03: Use New Screen

You should install a new touchscreen when the older one is physically damaged. Otherwise, you can perform your regular work with the old one.

If you’re thinking of buying a new touchscreen, you should purchase them from the official website. They’re more reliable and deliver authentic products.

(2) Solving Bluetooth Problems

The method of solving Bluetooth-related problems are more like tips than solutions. It would be best if you practiced these tips to keep your Uconnect working. Try to recheck your smartphone’s Bluetooth before pairing it with your Jeep’s Uconnect.

Tips 01: Smartphone Restarting

Sometimes restarting the smartphone solves the Bluetooth issue. Once you restart your phone, it’ll also reset the Bluetooth system. Press your smartphone’s power button or detach the battery to restart your phone. You should put on the battery to restart the phone if it requires battery removal and insertion.

Tips 02: Clear Pairing History

It’s tough to connect with the right device when your smartphone’s cluttered pairing history. You should remove the Uconnect from your phone to reconnect with your Jeep’s Uconnect.

Tips 03: Keep Your Smartphone In Discoverable Mode

The Jeep’s Uconnect fails to connect to the smartphone if it fails to detect your smartphone. In that case, you should keep your phone in discoverable mode. Go to your Bluetooth settings to turn on the discover mode. Try again once you turn on your smartphone’s discovery mode.

Tips 04: Keep Updating

You can’t update your phone’s default Bluetooth. What you can do is update the Uconnect. If you fail to connect your Jeep and phone, check for updates. You can install new updates from the official Uconnect store. Remember to put your Jeep’s model and year to find the correct update.

Tips 05: Inspect For Previous Connections

Previous connections or already connected are common problems for iPhone users. The iPhone follows a different method to resolve this issue. Like other devices, go to your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings and tap on forget this device. After doing it, try to reconnect your iPhone to the Jeep’s Uconnect.

Tips 06: Reset Your Jeep’s Uconnect Feature

Even after following all these tips doesn’t fix the Bluetooth system, reset the Jeep’s Uconnect. You’ve to click on the power button and hold it for 30 seconds. It should solve the Uconnect issues.

Tips 07: Maintain Close Distance

Keep your smartphone close to the Jeep while connecting it to the Uconnect. Sometimes, the signal is pretty weak to make a connection with Bluetooth.

You can visit Uconnect’s official website to check the signal’s strength. To know the exact frequency, you must enter your Jeep’s model and year.

(3) Resolving Subscription Fee Problems

The only way to solve subscription fees is to pay the due payment. You don’t have to pay a penny when you’re using it for a few months. But you must pay $15 monthly to use the Uconnect system.

Taking the yearly package will cost you only $150, saving a few dollars from your pocket. The pricing varies according to their payment structure.

Fixing Software Glitches

Well, you can’t do anything if the software glitches. It’s even tough to detect when software is glitching. In that case, you should contact the official Uconnect website to solve this issue. You can update the software to fix the glitching problem.

Final Words

You should never ignore any Uconnect-related problems in your Jeep. Whenever you notice the Uconnect isn’t working, look for potential damages. It’ll help you to identify the issue faster.

I hope the analysis of why Jeep’s Uconnect isn’t working has provided you with the correct information. Before using it, it would be best to understand how the Uconnect works in your Jeep—knowing how a system function helps find out potential problems.

You should pay the due subscription fees to keep the feature running. If you face touchscreen issues, inspect it thoroughly. You can fix Bluetooth-related problems using your smartphone.

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