How To Turn Off Jeep Lights When Doors Are Open

The interior and exterior lights are critical parts of a Jeep. Significantly, the headlights ensure safe driving at night. But problems arise when you try to turn them off with open doors. So, how to turn off Jeep lights when doors are open?

You can follow two methods to switch off the external and internal lights. First, find the rotating switch and shift it to the “O” icon. Then, follow the same process for fog lights. Alternatively, give a deep look at the fuse inside the glove box. Then, fix the connectors and sensors using the owner’s manual.

Various signs help to detect the Jeep’s light issue. However, if you don’t know how to see the symptoms and fix these problems, hop in to turn off your Jeep’s lights when the doors are open.

Reasons Why Lights Stay ON When Jeep Doors Are Open

Jeep lights help you see inside and outside the vehicle when you get inside or out of the Jeep: some parts, primarily electrical, play a vital role that smoothly on and off these lights.

So, you can guess these parts affect the Jeep’s light’s performance when they’re used for a long time. Sometimes, new components can affect these lights’ illumination. If you’re still in a fix, this explanation will help you to understand the reasons behind the light’s illumination.

ON Dimmer Switch

The dimmer switch controls the brightness of a Jeep’s lights. Sometimes, the Jeep driver mistakenly increases or decreases the brightness while opening the door.

Also, the button gets damaged with time. So, they stay ON if you open the door while turning the lights off. It’s because of a defective dimmer switch.

Faulty Light Switch

A damaged light switch means the lights stay ON when the doors are open. It’s because the switch wirings get damaged as you often use them. As a result, they affect the light and switch simultaneously.

Damaged Door Latches

This is a common issue in old cars. Generally, these latches become rusty or loose while used. Consequently, the light stays ON if the doors are open.

Manually Turned-ON Lights

Sometimes, drivers forget to turn off the light while getting off the car. As a result, while coming out of the vehicle, you’ll notice the lights are ON when the doors are open.

Diagnosing Turned-On Lights When Doors Are Open

It’s best to diagnose the situation and confirm it before you try to fix it. Otherwise, finding an easy solution is hard, especially for new Jeep owners. So, here’s your quick guide to identifying the reasons for turned-on lights with open doors.

Inspecting Dimmer Switch

A defective dimmer switch affects the light’s brightness if the doors are closed. However, first, locate the dimmer switch. Then, try to adjust the dome light’s brightness using it. Your Jeep’s dimmer switch is at fault if you fail to change the morning with open doors.

inspecting dimmer switch

Light Switch Testing

You’ll find the light switch on the door frame. If there’s no switch on the shelf, try the door latch with a screwdriver. You have a latching switch if the light illuminates. Generally, jammed or rusty latches keep the lights ON when wired with the power system.

Look For Defective Hinges

A misaligned door also keeps the light ON while the doors are open. Sometimes, slamming the door fixes this issue temporarily. However, if you’ve to hit your Jeep doors to turn off the lights means the door hinges or latches are responsible for this problem.

Check The Manually ON Lights

It’s a common issue with the push button feature. Sometimes, the button gets stuck, resulting in a turned ON light with an open door. As a result, it’s tough for a newbie to fix the stuck switch issue. But you can identify the light issue from this cross-checking too.

Step-By-Step Guide To Turn Off The Jeep Lights With Doors Open

As you know, the Jeep has various types of light inside and outside it. So, you’ll need different tools to fix these diverse situations. Plus, other lights require other fixes.

The light problems might scare you, but we are here to help. This step-wise guideline for different light positions will help you to turn off the lights when the doors are open.

Solution For External Lights

Generally, Jeep headlights fall in the external light section. Are you facing trouble switching off your Jeep’s headlights? Look at this step-wise guide to fix it even if your Jeep’s doors are open.

  • Step #1: Find The Rotating Switch: You’ll find the rotating button at the bottom of the wheel. Check out the indicator on the light to determine the light settings.
  • Step #2: Shift It To The ‘O’ Icon: Change the switch indicator’s position to the ‘O” icon to switch off the headlights. Before you shift the indicator, inspect if it is stuck or not.
  • Step #3: Switching Off The Fog Lights: The Jeeps are also equipped with fog lights. Change the switch indicator position in case you need help to switch them off. Many Jeeps follow the same process to switch off the fog lights like the headlights.
  • Step #4: Tap The Center Button: It’s the easiest step to turn off the lights when the doors are open. Just press the center button to turn off the headlights. It doesn’t matter if the doors are open or closed. The headlights will turn off instantly.

Fixing The Interior Lights

You’ll need tools to switch off the lights if the buttons don’t work. So, without silly-sally, look at this simple fix to turn off the internal Jeep lights.

Required Tools

Grab these essential tools quickly before you solve the lighting issue of your Jeep.

  • Instrument cluster
  • New light switch

Now that you’ve gathered these crucial tools to fix the Jeep’s lighting issue. Let’s fix this simple problem following this step-by-step guide.

Step #1: Inspecting The Dome Light: As stated earlier, the dimmer switch controls the brightness of the inner lights. Therefore, we recommend you turn off the interior lights before exiting your Jeep. Then, switch the dimmer switch’s position to default after you go back inside.

Step #2: Examine Light Switch: Turn off the headlights and take out the Jeep’s key. Next, go to the glove section on the driver’s side. Now, detach the glove box from the box and remove the belt.

You’ll find the “Door Switch Defeat Fuse” on the fuse block inside the glove box. Remember the fuse number. Set the glove box to its default position after you’ve removed the faulty fuse.

Step #3: Go Through The Connectors: Check the loose door connectors; even after examining them, the light switch doesn’t work. Tighten the connection so the lights work smoothly. If you fail to find the connectors and the sensors, check the owner’s manual.

Bottom Line

A Jeep’s light increases the beauty with the safety of the vehicle. But faulty headlights and interior lights can become a threat if you don’t take care of them in time.

So, how to turn off Jeep lights when doors are open? Hopefully, the analysis has helped you solve your Jeep’s lighting problems. First, read your Jeep manual to spot the sensors and wirings. If you’ve recently bought a Jeep and don’t know how to solve the problem, ask one of your friends or join a forum.

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