Jeep Door Surrounds – What They Are And What To Look For

If you’re new to Jeep ownership, you may have tons of questions pondering in your mind. One question that is common is if you need jeep door surrounds or not.

First, we need to understand what are jeep door surrounds. This article features all you need to know about this part of a jeep.

Whether it is an essential part or can be used optional, we will be going to figure it out pretty soon.

What is Jeep Door Surrounds?

In general, it is the border that encircles the sides and the top of the jeep door frame. In other words, they are upper door frames.

Jeep surrounds are mostly made from plastic. You will notice that it hooks the windows and provides a support surface for the door to rest against on the top and sides.

Is it a common feature of a jeep? Well, they are primarily seen in jeeps with soft tops.

There is no need for them on a hard-top Jeep.

Why Jeep Door Surrounds Are Necessary?

Door surrounds are only needed when a Jeep has a soft top. Below are some reasons why jeep door surrounds are necessary.

  • Door surrounds prevent the top from flopping around.
  • It helps the soft top seal around the door opening.
  • It supports the top frame of doors and keeps them more stable.
  • The gap between your soft top and door will be huge without surrounds.
  • This helps create a tight seal against the weather.

Why Does a Soft Top Need Door Surrounds?

If you place a soft top on your jeep you need a door surrounds. The soft top’s side velcro must be attached to the door surrounds.

soft top hard top

In some soft tops there are rubber edges. It slides into channels molded into the edge of the door surrounds.

The surround again encircles the upper door. It helps support the frame of full doors, keeping them more secure. Door surrounds allow the top to fit around the door frame and prevent from flapping.

Some soft top in the markets may not need door surroundings. However, the factory soft top with full or half doors require door surrounds.

Door Surround Kits

Firstly, door surrounds are not expensive. A factory-style door surround kit typically includes a tailgate bar, windshield channel, door surrounds, knobs for the driver and passenger, and clips.

With the tailgate bar and clips, you can open the rear hatch without removing any windows.

Also, factory-style jeep door surrounds are compatible with all sorts of soft-top brands.

door surround kits

Can I Run Soft Top Without Door Surrounds? 

The purpose of the surrounds is to keep the soft top fitted in place. Without it, the soft top does flap a little, which can be annoying at times. Hence, it is your choice whether you are going to have door surrounds or not.

Besides, if your Jeep has full-size doors, leave the door surrounds on. It will give some support to the upper part of the door.

In Summary

Jeep door surrounds is a useful component for jeeps that have soft tops. It helps the soft top & door to fit tightly, prevent it from moving around and gives strong support.

However, for hard tops, Jeep door surrounds are not at all necessary. Factory-style jeep door surrounds are available at very low prices in the market. They are also easy to install.

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