Can Soft Top Jeeps Go Through Car Washes? Answered

Jeep soft top variants, mostly automatic jeep top, like any other vehicles, need to be cleaned from time to time. Regular cleaning of your soft top is an excellent method to maintain it clear of contaminants that might cause damage to it.

Although, some people are unable to do so on their own, especially during the winter months. Taking a soft top jeep car wash is nerve-wracking because of the fragile fabrics used to make soft tops, such as vinyl, denim, twill, or sailcloth. So can soft top jeeps go through car washes?

Even in my neighborhood people who bought soft tops for jeep wrangler asked me several times about the jeep wrangler soft top car wash.  Particularly he gets concerned about his wrangler soft top in winter.

So, if you have similar queries like this and are worrying about soft tops car wash then this article is just for you. So without further delay let’s get started.

Can soft top jeeps go through car washes?

It is not a wise decision to take a soft-top Jeep through an automatic vehicle wash. While it may be possible to wash certain convertibles at a carwash, it is not recommended for jeep wrangler convertible tops since they have so many brushes.

The brushes and chemicals that are necessary for a carwash to function properly have the potential to render the roof and any windows that are not made of glass.

So, there is a question of whether some users are car wash brushes safe, sadly I have to reply in the negative. Even while nonabrasive roller brushes made of cotton fabric are used at some car washes, which take great pride in their products.

These brushes can still pose a risk since it is possible for dirt and small pebbles to become embedded in the fibers. Because of this, it is preferable if there are no brushes present at all.

jeep wrangler soft top wash
Jeep Wrangler soft top wash: Image source: JK-forum

How to wash a soft top jeep?

The usage of a power washer may be familiar to those who are new to the world of soft tops. But unfortunately, when it comes to soft tops, the same pressure may actually harm the weather-strip seals.

There are two ways to wash your Jeep’s soft top without causing any damage to the vehicle’s exterior. You might begin by using a touchless car wash.

If you prefer to do things yourself, you can do so. Even though it takes more time and effort, hand washing your soft top is still the preferred method. In the next sections, we’ll examine both techniques in further detail.

Touchless jeep wash

A touchless jeep wash is the best option for those who don’t have the time or energy to wash their vehicles. Because they don’t use brushes, touchless vehicle washes are almost unaffected by your Jeep’s soft top.

On the contrary, A touchless jeep wash uses high-pressure water to clean the vehicle’s exterior instead of brushes. Cleaning products that include alkaloid and other toxic chemicals are still being utilized but at least trustworthy companies are using safer goods.

touchless jeep wash
Touchless jeep wash: Image source: Dscarwash

Paint is less likely to crack or tear when applied without brushes. Just make sure to use the best cleaner for the jeep soft top. You should be able to locate at least one or two trustworthy companies in your region that use safe chemicals.

Do not be startled if your car is splashed with a tiny bit of water during the entire operation. A soft-top automobile will do it all the time. Jeep Wranglers with hard tops are most suited for use with water jets aimed at various angles.

While touchless jeep washes don’t use any brushes, this doesn’t mean they’re the most effective method. The best jeep soft top cleaner process is done by hand.

Manual wash

When it comes to cleaning your Jeep Wrangler’s soft top, nothing beats washing it by hand. Washing your soft-top Jeep by hand is the safest and most effective method, as I’ve already said. Yes, it will take some time, but you won’t be washing your car every day if you do it right.

Remove any debris from your roof (branches, pinecones, surfboards). Before cleaning your roof, you can use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment if there is a lot of debris on it for any reason.

Light filth and grime may usually be removed with just a soft cloth. Even a towel may not be able to remove all of the dirt and grime from your soft top if you’ve allowed it to accumulate over time.

You’ll want to give it a thorough cleaning after washing, just like you would with the rest of your vehicle. To avoid the jeep soft top cleaner drying up before you can rinse them off, wash your soft top in a shaded place away from direct sunlight. A tiny bit of the water can be tolerated by your top.

For soft-top surfaces, use a non-detergent soap. It is preferred by the expert to use the best car wash soap for jeep wrangler products, but you may use any fabric-top-specific vehicle shampoo. As the soft top is very delicate, you need to use the best cleaner for Jeep soft top.

The top of your hair should be groomed using a soft bristle brush. Instead of scrubbing vigorously, use soft movements to clean.

A brush is preferable to cloth since the latter tends to accumulate lint. As if you were showering your Jeep, you’ll want to remove all of the cleaning substances from its surface.

Using a microfiber towel is a great way to remove significant amounts of water from surfaces. Instead of just wiping across, apply pressure.

After that, you may leave your Jeep outside for a while to air-dry the top. Just wait until the top is completely dry before putting it back down, otherwise, mildew may grow.

What you should not do

  • Do not use any hard brush
  • Just don’t use a power washer to clean it. (Power washers with a PSI rating of 1,200 or above are not recommended for use on Jeep Wranglers, according to Jeep.)
  • Avoid using a below-standard cleaner.
  • Do not use any harmful chemicals on the top


I hope you have got the answer Can soft top jeeps go through car washes? In addition, I have given you some alternatives to how to wash a soft top car.

It’s possible that you won’t be able to take your soft-top Jeep through an automatic car wash, but it shouldn’t give you an excuse to drive around with a filthy vehicle.

It is my sincere hope that you will not encounter any difficulties when attempting to clean and maintain your soft-top vehicle as a result of the information that was presented in this article.

However, applying a protectant to your roof can help preserve its life and provide some measure of defense against the damaging effects of UV radiation and the environment.

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