Simple Guide to Locating the Battery in Your Jeep Grand Cherokee

Battery is one of the key sources of power for any vehicle and device. So, you should know everything about it. Also being aware of its location is one of the basic information. Do you know how to find your Jeep Grand Cherokee battery location?

The 2011 and later models of the Jeep Grand Cherokee have the same battery location underneath the passenger’s seat at the front. In previous models from 2011, the battery is situated underneath the hood. To access the battery, you must slide the passenger seat towards the windshield and remove the carpeted panel.

However, you can find the battery terminal connection underneath the hood if you need to jumpstart your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Deal with the connections carefully.

Importance Of Knowing The Battery Location Of Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee is for a Jeep enthusiast who likes to explore and go on adventures. So, we all want to keep it in tip-top condition and keep the power supply without interruption.

A battery is a crucial part. It also acts as a surge protector for your Jeep’s electronic system. It provides power to lights, GPS, and stereo when your Jeep’s engine gets off.

Therefore, you must know the location of the battery of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Here are some other essential facts about knowing the battery location:

Make The Replacement Task Easy

When your Jeep Grand Cherokee is a bit older, you might need to change or replace the battery after a while. Though it’s a pretty small task, you might need to take it to the repair center as you don’t know the location of the battery and can’t access it.

Knowing the battery’s location allows you to perform the replacement task without any extra payment efficiently. It also makes your job easy.

Help With The Connection Error

Sometimes there can be a problem with the lights or stereo, showing you trouble starting. And it can be related to battery connection. A simple reconnection can solve the entire situation.

So, if you know the battery’s location, you can easily access the battery and see whether there’s any connection error or not!

Jump Start

Connecting the jumper cables to the battery terminal would be best to jumpstart your Jeep Grand Cherokee. A jump is necessary when your engine has a sudden power failure, or you need to open the trunk without the key.

In such emergencies, you will need quick access to the battery and perform the jump start.

Battery Inspection:

If you have older models of Jeep Grand Cherokee, you will need frequent maintenance, including battery inspection.

Get Battery Fuel

Sometimes, the battery can’t provide the power you need, and a fuel crisis can be the reason. Therefore, you would need to fill the battery fuel. In such cases, knowing the battery location gets pretty handy.

Without it, you can’t get the fuel in the battery, and you might need to take your Jeep to the repair shops for minor issues, which you can solve within a few minutes.

Where Is The Battery Located In The Jeep Grand Cherokee?

You have already learned the importance of knowing the battery’s location.

2018, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2011, and 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee battery location is the same. Basically, the company hasn’t changed the battery location from the 2011 models to the 2021 models. Therefore, you will find the battery under the passenger seat at the front.

battery location under passenger seat

When it comes to models before 2011, you will find the battery underneath the hood, just like other typical cars.

The models from 2011 and later use Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. They have shock and vibration resistance which is best for off-road vehicles.

In the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee models, you will notice two batteries for better power support. That’s because newer models have features like a touchscreen, heated seats, rearview cameras, etc. So, a secondary battery will support the power system even if one battery fails.

How To Access The Battery In The Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Now that you need to know how to access the battery in your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Well, the process isn’t very complicated. Here’s what to do:

Step #01: Move The Passenger Seat

To access the battery, you need to move the passenger seat. Click on the button and move it at the front, not backward (towards the windshield). The seat will begin to move slowly. Don’t rush, or else you might break the mechanism.

Step #02: Remove The Carpeted Panel

After that, you will notice a separated carpeted panel right on the spot. So, you just simply need to remove the carpeted panel, and there’s your Jeep Grand Cherokee battery.

Step #03: Remove The Metal Panel

However, you haven’t got full access to your battery yet. For that, you need to remove the metal panel at the side of the battery. It helps to keep the battery in place. After removing the panel, you can move the battery from the compartment.

remove metal panel

Step #04: Start With The Negative Panel

Then, you need to remove the negative battery terminal. Use a ten-millimeter wrench to dispatch the negative battery terminal. And then remove the vent tube.

Lastly, detach the positive battery terminal. Now you can remove the battery from the compartment and have full access.

Tips For Maintaining The Battery In Your Jeep Grand Cherokee

It would be a hassle to check the battery multiple times when you are in the middle of a journey or adventure. So, the best idea is to maintain the battery in good condition to avoid such situations and issues. Here’s what to do: 

Check Battery Charge Level And Condition

If you have used the battery for a long time and it starts showing bad symptoms, you need to check the battery charge level and current condition.

Remember to keep the battery fully charged whenever you go out on a drive. Check the battery’s health regularly. If something is suspicious, take your Jeep to the nearest repair shop.

Clean The Battery And Terminals

Well, a filthy battery gets unhealthy too quickly. As a result, your Jeep Grand Cherokee will have less support on power, and without proper function on the battery, you can’t even perform a jump start.

Corrosion on the terminals can hamper the connection and result in a power failure. So, keeping the terminals and battery clean would be best.

Properly Store The Battery

Sometimes, we forget to place the battery properly while replacing it. Your Jeep Grand Cherokee is for off-road adventures.

So, the battery will face several shocks and impacts without proper placement and get damaged. Therefore, you must store the battery correctly.

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As a Jeep owner, you must know everything about it. And knowing the battery location is one of the basic information for owners like you.

Even if your Jeep doesn’t need regular service, you should know the battery location. It also helps with minor fixes like loose connections, jump start, battery replacement, etc.

Hopefully, the discussion on how to find your Jeep Grand Cherokee battery location has covered all your answers. The information applies to Jeep Grand Cherokees, not the Jeep Cherokees. So, don’t mix up. Enjoy your adventures with a safe drive!

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