Jeep Side Mirrors When Doors Are Off: What Should Know!

For a Jeep enthusiast, going doorless is quite the experience. However, when you remove Jeep doors the side mirrors come off. This can result in a loss of outward visibility. It means reduced safety for the driver.

So how should you suppose to put them back on? Or is it okay to drive your Jeep without side mirrors?

I will discuss in this article what should you do when with Jeep side mirrors when doors are off.

Why Do You Need Jeep Side Mirrors When Doors Are Off?

When you remove doors from the jeep, the mirrors also come off. A lot of Jeep owners think that jeeps are still safe without doors. But is it really safe without the mirrors?

No! Here is why?  

Safety Issue

When mirrors come off from the Jeep with doors, the driver loses outward visibility. 

With outward visibility, drivers not only see through the windshield, but it helps them safely drive when changing lanes, getting onto a highway, or parking.

State Laws Require Side Mirrors

In most states of the U.S., it is mandatory to have side mirrors in vehicles. So if your mirrors come off with the Jeep door you need to find ways to put mirrors back. Otherwise, you may get punished.

Some states require at least one side mirror and one rearview mirror in vehicles. Whereas, some states simply require “two mirrors” of any type.

Nevertheless, if it is legal to have no mirrors in your car, you must reattach your side mirrors for safety.

When Do You Need Replacement Side Mirrors?

We already talked about how side mirrors of the Jeep come off once you take off the doors. And it is recommended to reattach them for safety and to obey state laws. 

So here is an easy fix. You can opt for replacement side mirrors. Some companies make replacement mirrors that fit right into the empty hinges effortlessly when the doors are off. 

Besides, you do not need any tools. You can also find mirrors to attach to the side of the windshield.

One such replacement mirror is Mopar’s doors-off mirror kit. With this kit, you can easily install mirrors on both sides of the driver. 

To fasten the mirrors, you can use a T40 bit wrench that comes with every Wrangler and Gladiator Jeep. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Side Mirror On A Jeep?

In general, a replacement mirror for the Jeep Wrangler door costs between $454 and $465.

Here, the parts price maybe average $409, and labor costs are between $44 and $56. Taxes, fees, specific models, and location are not taken into account in this range.

At the end of the guide, Jeep side mirrors when doors are off can be easily reattached with replacement mirrors. These are available on the market, affordable in price, and easy to set up.

Keep in mind the biggest reason you need to reattach your Jeep side mirrors is for safety purposes. Also, you need to comply with state law. 

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