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when did jeep ducking start

When Did Jeep Ducking Start? A Look Back at Its Origins

More than a game, Jeep Ducking is a trend that strengthens ties within the neighborhood. People could assume it has something to do with dodging an approaching Jeep. But the game is far more refined than that. It has benevolence at its core. So, when did Jeep Ducking start? Jeep Ducking began in Ontario, Canada, … Read More

jeep ducking rules

Jeep Ducking Rules: What You Need to Know

Do you own a Jeep and don’t know about the Jeep ducking games? This is a pretty exciting and popular game among Jeep drivers. The kits are pretty cheap and available in the market. But there are some rules you must follow to play the game. So, what are the Jeep ducking rules? It would … Read More