What Wheels Interchange With Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Because of its popularity and features, Jeep enthusiasts know about the Jeep Grand Cherokee model. And it’s pretty easy to customize the Grand Cherokee to enhance its performance, such as wheel changes in different weather. In such cases, the interchange is a common modification. So, what wheels interchange with the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Wheels with bolt patterns of 5×4.5 inches and 5×5 inches are most suitable for interchanging the Grand Cherokee wheels. You also need to check wheel size, lug, and hub center.

The most compatible models of suitable interchange are Jeep Wrangler JK/JL (17-18 inches), Jeep J series (15 inches), Jeep Wrangler YJ/TJ (15-16 inches), Jeep liberty KK/KJ (16-18 inches) and so on.

With the proper wheel interchange, you can quickly boost the performance of your Grand Cherokee and enjoy the ride and adventure. 

Is It Possible To Interchange Wheels Of Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Obviously, it’s possible to interchange the wheels of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. People often change the wheels of other Jeeps or cars. But you might think –is it okay to interchange the Jeep wheels?

interchange the jeep wheels
Interchange the jeep wheels

Well, the interchangeability works most of the time if you follow several facts like similar bolt design, rim size, and other parts. That’s because differences in these parts affect the performance of your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

So, if you match the requirements, you can obviously interchange the Grand Cherokee wheels. But if not, changing the wheels might not be a good idea because it will reduce the performance and fuel economy of your Jeep Cherokee.

Why Change The Wheels?

Compatible wheels are the best for your Jeep Wrangler. Then why do you need to interchange them, right? Well, various reasons are working behind the concept.

The most convenient explanation for wheel interchange is better performance. We all know all-season tires can’t enhance performance like the special seasonal customized ones.

When there’s snow on the road, you need to consider changing the wheels for better traction and grip. If you are going on an off-road trip adventure, you should change into more durable and robust wheels which can handle rough terrain.

Giving your Jeep aesthetic looks is another purpose for interchange wheels. It will provide a new look with a different style on your Jeep Cherokee.

What Wheels Are Interchangeable With Your Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The interchangeability depends on bolt patterns, wheel size, and other facts. Only if the specs match the other one can you change the Cherokee wheels.

Typically, the bolt pattern of a Jeep Grand Cherokee is 5×4.5 inches or 5×5 inches.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee uses 17-inch wheels and is readily available online or offline. However, the latest models have variations like 18 inches or 20 inches.

Here’s a short list of compatible models whose wheels can be interchanged with your Grand Cherokee:

Model NameWheel’s size
Jeep J series15 inches
Jeep Wrangler JK/JL17-18 inches
Wagoner15 inches
Jeep Wrangler YJ/TJ15-16 inches
Wrangler JK17-18 inches
Cherokee KL17-18 inches
Grand Cherokee ZJ15 inches
Jeep gladiator17-18 inches
Jeep Liberty KK/KJ16-18 inches

You can always consult a professional if you are confused after such a clear shortlist.

Jeep wheels have a pretty decent lifespan. So, you can also look for some old tires in good condition and compatible specs rather than buying a new one. 

jeep large tire
Jeep large tire

Putting Larger Tires On Your Jeep Grand Cherokee

Tire size is one of the significant facts in changing wheels. You can check the size on the right side of your tire. And most of the time, people interchange the Grand Cherokee tires with the bigger ones without a lift.

First of all, it will give a dashing look to your Cherokee. On top of that, bigger tires improve the off-road experience and overall performance.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a beast itself. So, if you interchange it with bigger tires, you won’t need any lift.

A 1- or 2-inches lift can cost you $1000 to $10000. So, it would be better to use the interchange without a lift. The experts say it’s okay to interchange up to 33-inch tires, and you won’t need any lift.

Don’t Forget Rim And Bolt Patterns

Apart from the Jeep Grand Cherokee bolt pattern, you must consider the rim size and bolt patterns while interchanging the wheels.

Here are some details regarding rim and bolt patterns:

Rim Size

The rim size is crucial for a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and it’s changing over time. So, when interchanging the wheels, you need to be updated about the rim size.

So, the fundamental question is- what size rims will fit on my Jeep Grand Cherokee?

jeep wheel rim size
Jeep wheel rim size

There were only one or two options of rims for a Jeep Grand Cherokee before the 2007 models. But after that, you can easily find three types of Rim for your Cherokee (both online and offline), which are 20, 18, and 17 inches.

So, it would be best to find a suitable rim size for your model before interchanging the wheels.

Here’s a short list of Grand Cherokee rims that might help you out:

YearRim width (inches)Rim diameter (inches)Rim offset (mm)

Bolt Patterns

Bolt pattern means how many holes are in the rim of bolts and their shape. As there are variations in models, you will find different bolt patterns for every Jeep Grand Cherokee model.

However, maximum models use at least four or five bolts to make a firm grip on the wheels.

The models from 1993 to 1998 have a bolt pattern of 5×4.5 inches. After that, the pattern was upgraded to 5×5 inches.

The first number in the pattern indicates the number of mounting the studs, and the second one is for bolt measurement. You will find different shapes in the patterns like circles, rectangles, etc.

It’s pretty easy to figure out the bolt patterns. All you need to do is tighten the lug nuts while maintaining a crisscross.

Other Facts To Consider While Interchanging The Wheels

Despite the bolt patterns and rim size, there are also some other facts you need to look into while interchanging the Cherokee wheels.

Bead Locks

The bead locks are essential, especially when you are going on an off-road trip. It helps secure the tire’s bead sticking to the wheel in crucial moments like when it lacks pressure carrying the bead.

Lug Centric And Hub Centric

You will find two types of wheels in the market:

  • Lug-centric and
  • Hub-centric.

If there’s an oversized hole in the middle of the wheel, it’s lug centric and suitable for different vehicles.

hub centric for jeep wheels
Hub-centric for Jeep wheels

But if a specific hole size fits in the Jeep hub, it’s hub-centric and limited for different models. You should also consider stud size and layout.

Offset And Backspacing

The offset and backspacing help determine the wheels’ fitness into the fender.

Higher valued backspacing means a positive offset. So, it would fit perfectly on your Jeep and is easy to mount.

The negative offset can cause the tires to rub against the fenders or extend out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Jeep And Ford Wheels Interchangeable?

No, Jeep and ford wheels are not interchangeable (not applicable for older versions). That’s because of the bolt pattern. The Jeep Cherokee has a circle of five lug nuts; the typical pattern is five 115 millimeters. On the other hand, ford has a rectangle of six lug nuts, and the common pattern is six by 135 millimeters. 

Will Charger Wheels Fit In A Jeep Grand Cherokee?

No, the charger wheels won’t fit in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The most obvious reason is the bolt pattern. The charger wheels and Grand Cherokee have different bolt patterns. So, you can’t change wheels between them.

How Can You Check Fit Wheels For Your Jeep Cherokee?

You can quickly check the fit wheels for your Jeep Cherokee with simple steps. First, check if the lugs or bolts fit in the wheel or not, and then give it a quick spin on the flat surface. Then check if the wheels are compatible with your Jeep model or not for ground clearance.

Are Gladiator Wheels Compatible With The Grand Cherokee?

Yes, the gladiator wheels are pretty much compatible with the Grand Cherokee. That’s because there are similarities between bolt patterns and tire size. On top of that, the gladiator wheels are made for Jeeps. So, you can easily change wheels with your Grand Cherokee.

Bottom Line

Jeep Grand Cherokee is a wild vehicle, and you can experience the adventures to their peak point. Various modifications like wheel interchange make the ride thrilling and enjoyable. But there is a wide range of matching wheels for interchanging with the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Hopefully, the discussion on what wheels interchange with the Jeep Grand Cherokee has provided all the information. A proper interchange can enhance the Jeep’s performance and give an exciting ride. Check the mentioned facts before interchanging your Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels. Stay safe, and drive safe!

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