What Are Zombie Lights on a Jeep?[Explained]

Do you own a Jeep and want to know what zombie lights are? Or maybe you’ve seen Jeeps on the road with glowing, white headlights and wondered why they look so different.

In this blog post, I’ll explain what zombie lights are and how to get them for your own Jeep.

Zombie Lights are LED off-road lights specifically designed to fit Jeeps, trucks, and other off-road vehicles. They get their name from the halo light or ring around the headlights. These lights provide brighter illumination with less glare than traditional headlights. Zombie Lights also come with several features such as adjustable light beams and multiple beam patterns.

These lights come with a 2-Position Rocker Switch, laser etched with “Zombie Lights” and an amber indicator light. You can install it in less than an hour. Additionally, these lights come with a 3-Terminal view that allows you to control from afar.

Types of Zombie Lights

Zombie Lighting offers Straight Light Bars, Rock Lights, and Fog Lights that are perfect for off-road adventures. All of their lights are waterproof and built with high-quality materials for durability and long-lasting performance. 

  • Straight Light Bars, you get powerful illumination that increases visibility and adds a professional look to your vehicle. 
  • Rock Lights offer cool colors to light up the trails and give your ride an eerie glow. 
  • Fog Lights increase visibility in rough terrain and help you see further than ever before.

Benefits of Installing Zombie Lights

Jeep owners know that having the right lighting setup is essential when it comes to off-roading. Zombie lights are one of the best lighting solutions for your Jeep, providing you with maximum visibility and safety in any environment.

It is a LED light bar with an IP rating of 67, which means they’re built to survive even the toughest conditions. So installing zombie lights on a Jeep provides a powerful spotlight that allows you to see farther into the darkness than regular headlights.

It also allows you to make more accurate turns and maneuvers in challenging terrain. Not only does this provide improved visibility during night time adventures, but they also add an eye-catching aesthetic to your Jeep.

These LED light bars come in various sizes and colors so you can customize them to match your preference and style. They’re also highly durable and customizable, making them one of the best lighting solutions for Jeeps!

What are the Different Colours Offered for Jeep Zombie Lights?

This type of light comes in either black or chrome colors. These are perfect for taking your Jeep off-roading and provide superior visibility in low-light conditions.

What are Some Safety Precautions When Using Jeep Zombie Lights?

  • Jeep Zombie Lights you are using are rated for their intended use. They should have an IP rating of 67 or higher, which ensures that the lights will be able to withstand even the most extreme conditions without sustaining damage.
  • Ensure that your lights have a compatible switch and wiring setup so that they won’t cause any electrical problems with your vehicle’s system.
  • Install these properly in order to maximize their effectiveness while keeping yourself safe from potential hazards.
  • Be sure to check if there is any debris blocking the path of light before turning them on and never aim them directly at people or animals as this could cause temporary blindness due to the intensity of light emitted by these LEDs.
  • Never leave lights on for longer than necessary as this could drain your battery quickly and reduce its lifespan over time.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Installing Jeep Zombie Lights?

  • These can be quite expensive. Depending on how many lights you want and the type of installation, these aftermarket upgrades can really add up in cost.
  • Make sure they’re properly mounted can also require additional materials or services which could further increase the price tag.
  • Difficult to install correctly and safely if not done by a professional or experienced technician.
  • Depending on where you live, it may be illegal or restricted to have extremely bright lighting installed on your vehicle.


Zombie lights are off-road lighting solutions specifically designed for Jeeps, trucks, and other off-road vehicles. These quality LED lights come with a switch that is laser-etched with an “atomic” Zombie Lights logo. It also is lit with a warm LED amber glow when the switch is in the on-position.

These will provide your Jeep or truck with dependable spotlights that you can use for fog lights, daytime running lights, and work lights. With these rugged and reliable lighting solutions, you can travel confidently even on the darkest roads.

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