Can You Tint Jeep Soft Top Windows?

Jeep enthusiasts often ask whether you can darken their Jeep’s soft windows. But can you tint Jeep soft-top windows? Is doing so a smart idea?

Yes, you can tint your preferred Jeep’s soft top windows. To tint your windows, you need to clean your Jeep soft top first. Then you should add films to the window. On the plus side, tinting the window has advantages, like keeping your Jeep cool, but you must keep the legal issues in mind.

Please stick with us to know all about tinting Jeep soft top windows and its advantages and disadvantages. Happy reading!

How To Tint Jeep Soft Top Windows?

Tinting your window is challenging work to do. You may get help from a professional. Yet, if you’re a DIYer and want to do it yourself, you will need specific tools while tinting your windows. They are –

  • Squeegee
  • Window Razor
  • Knife
  • Film
  • Plastic Card
  • Heat Gun

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 01: Clean your windows in and out and wipe any moisture and smears off your window. Use the squeegee to dry it.

Step 02: To make the film fit the window properly, place it and carefully trim around the corners.

Step 03: Now, apply the film outside. It will help your window from scratches and dust.

Step 04: Start pushing the film to the corner and use a plastic card to place it perfectly. Next, use a heat gun to straighten the film.

That’s it! You successfully installed your tinted window.

Why Should You Tint Soft Top Windows?

Jeep does not tint its windows just to look cool. You will get some benefits from tinting too. Let’s check out the advantages.

Protecting From UV Damage

Tinted windows can help reduce the UV rays entering the car. Thus, protecting you from harm and discomfort.

Cozy Temperature

A tinted window keeps your car cooler. Choosing a lighter color will help reflect some heat away from the car.

Protecting Window

Scratches are common and annoying to the car user, but tints help to keep the windows scratch free.


Window tints give you an extra layer of privacy. Shades will block the vision of outsiders. You can do anything inside your car if it has tint protection.

Some Drawbacks of Using Tinted Soft Top Windows

Yes, tinting your windows is a good idea, but it does come with caveats that you should be aware of before making a decision.

Vision Blockage

Tinted windows block lights. On a brighter summer day, it’s beneficial, but in low light, like a cloudy day or night, it is certainly a drawback.

Legal Issue

Tinting your windows might bring you some legal matters based on your country or state. Different countries have their law and rules, so before tinting, you should check your local regulations based on your car.


It would help if you remembered that tinting your window may cost you some extra bucks.


Jeeps are unquestionably adaptable as a vehicle. That’s why its users are attracted towards more to customization day by day. And a tinted Jeep soft top window is best for a start. It brings many benefits to your journey.

But how can you tint Jeep soft-top windows? As you’re here, you know how to tint the windows and some facts about tinting Jeep soft top windows. Now you can do all those things all by yourself.

Remember that professionals have been doing their work for years and have enough experience. So if you are not a good DIYer, you should consult them.

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