Jeeps: Can You Drive With The Back Window Open?

Jeeps are one of the best vehicles made for a thrilling driving experience. Some drivers like to drive with their Jeep’s top open, while others like to open the back window. Driving while keeping the top open is safe, but can you drive with the Jeep’s back window open?

No! It would be best if you didn’t drive with the Jeep’s back window open. Toxic fumes can enter the passenger unit quickly if you go with an open back window. Consequently, it creates an uncomfortable environment inside the car. In addition, if you switch on the AC, it recirculates the fumes over and over, polluting the inside and outside areas.

Several reasons are responsible for the damaged back window of a Jeep. Before you take the car to fix the back window, you should be aware of them.

Problems You Might Face Keeping The Jeep’s Back Window Open While Driving

You might think keeping the Jeep’s back window open while driving will add an aesthetic vibe to your feelings. Sorry to say, you’re wrong! Some severe issues may appear while driving with the back window open.

Knowing what issues may pop up if you drive your Jeep with the rear window open will help you to understand this situation properly.

Fumes Entering Inside The Jeep

The Jeep’s exhaust pipe is just two feet from the back window. So, if you keep your Jeep’s back window open, there’s a high possibility of fumes entering the vehicle. The same can happen when there’s a visible hole in the rear window.

Risky Environment

As stated earlier, fumes can enter the passenger unit quickly. As a result, passengers may feel a bit suffocated.

Plus, the roll down or open your jeep window acts like a funnel making it easy passage for smoke to enter the Jeep. Consequently, you might pass out because of this bizarre environment.

Recirculation Of Fumes

When you’re in a Jeep, you turn on the AC to make the Jeep’s environment suitable. But doing it while keeping the back window open might give you a nasty headache.

Since it recirculates the passenger cabin air, the fumes acquire more space due to this continuous process. As a result, the stench re-circulates throughout the Jeep.

Why Does the Jeep’s Back Window Get Damaged?

The back window is a sensitive part of the vehicle. Several reasons are responsible for the damage to the Jeep’s rear window. It might be a manufacturer issue, careless driving, and other unknown reasons.

Here are some critical reasons why the Jeep’s back window often gets damaged.

Defective Window Struts

Some Jeeps are equipped with window struts that work when it’s filled with air. It doesn’t matter if you won a hardtop or a soft-top Jeep. However, it damages with time, like creating leaks.

Consequently, it fails to produce enough pressure when trying to close it. Sometimes, the back window stays slightly open due to less air. This is a difficult situation since it can shatter the window completely.

Temperature Up-down

As you know, the back window is made of glass and tends to expand at high temperatures and shrivel in cold weather. So if you keep the Jeep under the sun for a long time, there’s a high chance of damaging the back window.

Are you thinking of using hot water to clean only the soft top window or the entire Jeep body on a cold morning? Please don’t do it. The sudden temperature change affects the glass property resulting in a broken back window.

Dirt And Debris

Roads are filled with invisible stones and debris to the naked eye. As a result, you won’t notice these objects when they hit the back window.

But you’ll surely notice the outcome. Dirt and debris cause massive damage to the Jeep’s back window. Suddenly breaking the Jeep’s rear window is also a possibility.

Bad Installation

Bad rear window installation is a common reason the back window gets damaged. Many times, the workers forget to join the connections correctly.

Consequently, the window gets a bit shaky while driving. So, if you don’t take care of this issue, it might get you into a severe problem.


Accidents are hazardous for drivers and Jeeps. Generally, a direct collision can hamper the front, glass, and back windows.

But a back hit can completely shatter the back window. Sometimes, golf balls or old logs from a tree can damage the rear window and other car parts.

Cost Of Replacing A Jeep’s Damaged Back Window

It would be best if you considered some facts before you estimate the total cost of replacing your Jeep’s damaged back window. Then, of course, you can DIY the broken rear window. But it depends on your Jeep type and the severity of the problem.

If you own a soft-top Jeep including a back window, fixing the broken rear window will cost you $100 to $450. The mechanic will charge you $50 to $150, and the rest goes into buying the parts. However, the cost might increase depending on the difficulty.

So, what if you own a hardtop Jeep and the back window is damaged? Well, you’ll have to pay around $460 to fix the damaged window of your Jeep. The labor fee stays the same to replace the damaged back window. But the parts price varies significantly.

Additional Cost

Don’t forget to calculate the additional cost while replacing the rear window. Remember, some shops will charge you extra just for the fame they gained through their services. Sometimes, you might have to tow your vehicle to the repair shop.

Most mechanics don’t include taxes and other service charges in the bill. So, consider these extra costs for Jeep before a proper replacement.

Final Words

A Jeep’s back window works as protection and makes the vehicle beautiful. It keeps the debris out of the car and keeps the passengers safe. Plus, it keeps the toxic air outside the Jeep when closed.

We hope the discussion about whether you can drive with a Jeep back window open has provided all the necessary information you need.

First, keep the window closed if you see fumes entering the Jeep. Then, take your Jeep to the mechanic shop for regular maintenance. Routine maintenance makes the back window more compatible.

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