How Much Does A Jeep Door Weigh? [Jeep Door Price Chart]

Knowing the weight of your jeep door matters for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is when removing the doors, one may need to know how a jeep door weighs. 

Despite the fact that the weight of the door varies between brands, there is a certain range. We will be discussing the weights of jeep doors along with mentioning some popular brands. 

So here is what you need to know about how much a jeep door weighs. 

How Much Does A Jeep Door Weigh?

Typically, each front door of a jeep weighs from 49 to 70 pounds. The back doors, weigh way less than the front doors. Each rear door weighs around 45 to 50 plus pounds. It varies between brands. 

Hypothetically if a jeep has doors weighing 350 pounds in total that is a lot! Removing all the doors means the jeep can decrease a whopping 350 pounds in an instant.  

Why do Front Door & Back Doors Weights Differ?

The front doors of a jeep weigh 5 to 7 more pounds than the back doors. Why the weight difference? 

This discrepancy in weight is because of the shape of the Jeep. You will notice that the front shape of the Jeep is slightly different from the back part.

For instance, if you find the front door weighs 48 to 49 pounds, then the back door weighs 41 to 44 pounds. 

Furthermore, Jeeps come in four-door and two-door models. As a two-door Jeep does not have any back doors, while four-door models have both front and rear doors. 

Why Does Knowing Jeep Doors Weight Matter?

Here’s how knowing the jeep door’s weight would help you, 

  • When Removing Doors- When you detach your jeep doors, you will need to remove them from their hinges and put them on the ground. For some people, safely lowering the door may be a problem, and they may need assistance. If you know how much the doors weigh, you can better assess the situation. 
  • Installing New doors- You again need to know the weight of the new door when you install a new one on your Jeep. Firstly, it is a good idea to find out if you can lift something before you even try it.
  • Lighter doors mean Lighter Jeep- If your jeep is heavier, it will kill the performance for sure. People generally choose lighter Jeeps over heavier ones. Jeeps with lighter doors are obviously less heavy. So this is where knowing the weight of jeep doors could matter as well. 

Popular Jeeps & Their Door Weight 

Below is a collection of some popular Jeeps model listed with the weight of their front and back doors, 

Jeep NameFront Door Back Door 
Jeep Gladiator48- 50 pounds approx. 41-44 pounds
Wrangler TJ60 poundsn/a
Wrangler JL (Aluminum fabricated)approx. 47 poundsApprox. 34 pounds
Wrangler JK 65 pounds45 pounds
Ford Bronco (2 doors)<60 poundsn/a
Ford Bronco (4 doors)40 poundsn/a


How much a jeep door weighs? Generally, it depends on the brand. However, there’s a certain standard range but the front jeep doors weigh more than the rear ones. 

Also, knowing the weight of Jeep doors is helpful when you are replacing the doors or want to guess about overall performance.

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