Answered: Will Jeep Wheels Fit Ford Ranger?

If you love to modify your vehicle with new wheels often, you must wonder whether Jeep wheels will fit Ford Ranger. 

The question is pretty common, and mechanics often hear this from mod lovers. But it’s necessary to understand the specifics before making any purchases. 

The answer to your query is “yes,” but there are so many “it depends” in this answer! You can use Jeep wheels in Ford Ranger if you find the right five-lug pattern and wheel offset that is proper for it.

In this blog post, I’ll explore the conditions of their compatibility and provide you with all the information you need to know before making a decision. Keep reading for further information.

Compatibility of Jeep Wrangler Wheels with Ford Ranger: A Comprehensive Guide

Wheels from Jeep can give your Ford Ranger a more modified look. But for that, you need to match the wheels first.

The tires of Jeep and For Ranger are quite common in past models. But they are different from each other in recent models. 

You can exchange the tires when Jeep and Ranger’s wheels have similar bolt patterns and wheel dimensions. But these are not all; there are other factors as well.

Let me guide you through all the factors for their compatibility. 

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Compare The Bolt Pattern Of the Ford Ranger With Jeep

The bolt pattern is also known as the lug pattern or bolt circle. It indicates the arrangements and numbers of bolts and lugs that secure a wheel to your vehicle’s hub.

If your Jeep’s bolt pattern doesn’t match with Ford Ranger, you cannot change the wheel. So, it’s the first thing you should look at first.

In Jeep, you can find several bolt patterns. You can determine the bolt number by measuring the distance between the center of two adjacent bolts or lugs across the hub’s diameter. 

For example, if your bolt pattern is 5*4.5, 5 indicates the number of bolts. Here, 4.5 indicates the diameter of the bolt circle.

Now, when you have identified the bolt number of the Jeep wheel, match this with your Ford Ranger’s wheel. If you have a correct match, congratulations, you can now fit the Jeep wheel in your Ford Ranger!

But, if you cannot find a perfect match and still attempt to install it, it will not be safe for your Ford Ranger. 

Match The Dimensions Of Both Wheels

If you want to fit Jeep wheels on Ford Ranger, you must consider wheel dimensions such as diameter, width, offset, and backspacing. All these will determine whether the wheel will fit properly or not.

Diameter and width refer to the size of the wheel. Generally, Ford Ranger comes with a wheel size of 15 or 18 inches. On the other hand, Jeep wheels are larger and come in a size of 16 to 20 inches diameter.

Before you set any Jeep wheel to your Ford Ranger, make sure you match the diameter and the width. Otherwise, you will come up with a larger wheel which will decrease Ranger’s performance.

Offset and Backspacing

Matching the offset and backspacing is a must when you want to fit a Jeep wheel to Ford Ranger. When these facts don’t match, there will be issues with clearance and rubbing.

If the mounting surface of the Jeep wheel is closer to the outside of the wheel, which means it has a more positive offset, the wheel may stick out too far and rub against the fender or suspension component.

On the other hand, if your Jeep wheels have a negative offset, it will look odd while sticking inside. Most importantly, the wheels will not fit over the brake clippers. 

So, the Jeep wheels will be compatible with Ford Ranger when they match with Ranger’s suspension, brake components, and overall design.

Spacers Can Help Adapting Jeep Wheels to Ford Ranger

You can use spacers to fit Jeep wheels onto your Ford Ranger. As I mentioned earlier, the bolt pattern of the Ranger is different from Jeep. A spacer can adapt the size to fit the Ranger’s 5×4.5 pattern to the Jeep’s 5×5.5 pattern. 

It means spacers are like adapters or converters. Spacers can provide extra clearance to the wheels when installed on the axles. 

The spacer size may vary, but you have to choose one that suits your vehicle’s needs. You can consult with a professional mechanic to determine the exact type of spacer required for fitting Jeep wheels to the Ford Ranger. 

The Pros and Cons of Using Jeep Wheels on a Ford Ranger: A Comparative Analysis

There are pros and cons to consider when it comes to using Jeep wheels on a Ford Ranger. Let’s take a look at some of them here:


  • Jeep wheels can provide your Ford Ranger with a more rugged and off-road look.
  • You will have an improved performance on rough and uneven terrain.
  • You can fit Jeep wheels to your Ford Ranger with some adjustments.


  • Jeep rims may not fit perfectly on a Ford Ranger due to differences in backspacing and center bar thickness.
  • If you cannot fit properly, it can lead to rubbing and cause damage.
  • Oversized or small-sized wheels can affect the outlook of your Ranger.

Overall, if you use Jeep wheels on a Ford Ranger, it can provide some benefits. But you should also carefully consider the potential drawbacks before making any modifications.


Jeep wheels will fit a Ranger, but not the other way around. The bolt pattern and wheel dimensions should be the same for proper fitting. 

However, you may need to use spacers to adapt Jeep wheels to a Ranger, as the two have different bolt patterns. 

No doubt, Jeep wheels will give your Ford Ranger a more upgraded and versatile look, but you must keep the pros and cons in mind. So, it’s important to consider them carefully before you make a decision. 

If you are not sure about the compatibility, ask for help from a professional and experienced mechanic. It will always help you.

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