Why Are Jeep Window Switches In The Middle? [Explined]

A long drive with some soulful music, an open window, and a partner, who does not like that? But you may not prefer too much of it. Sometimes you will like the window open and sometimes closed. But won’t it be a hassle if the window switch is far from you?

So, Jeep found a unique option for you. They placed their window switch in the middle. But you may wonder why Jeep window switches are in the middle.

The reason for placing Jeep window switches in the middle is that the doors of a Jeep are removable. Their primary target is reducing the Jeep door’s weight from the total weight. The sophistication of electrical parts inside the door is also decreased by this design. The driver and the passengers can easily open the windows from their seats.

To justify this answer, we have tried to show you the advantages and disadvantages in the upcoming part. Give this a thorough read!

History Of Placing The Window Switches In The Middle

To imagine a car today without electric windows seems strange. But was it there when the first Jeep was invented? No!

Jeep Wrangler JK is the first model to have electrically controlled switches for the power windows in the center of the Jeep. When utilized by the military, Jeep built its initial cars without doors.

When they were converted into civilian Jeeps, they added fabric and metal doors. The majority of these came with zipper vinyl windows and soft tops.

Jeep provided half doors consisting of soft top upper doors and full doors that can roll up & down windows as its model lineup evolved from CJs to YJs.

Power windows were never available on the Jeep Wrangler TJ. It was the final variation of the Jeep Wrangler without an electronic window option.

Advantages Of Placing Jeep Window Switches In The Middle

Jeep would not have placed the window switch in the middle without any reason or advantages. But what are they?

Here we have summed up the reasons behind this unique design of Jeep.

Easy Door Removal

Many Jeep riders like to remove their doors while off-roading. But removing the Jeep doors requires a lot of energy as the doors are not lightweight.

On the other hand, if the window switch were placed on the door wall, there would be a lot of wires connecting the door and the window with the main engine.

So, to keep the Jeep doors less heavy and free from wires, they used this technique to place the switches in the middle. It lessens the hassle of removing the Jeep door.

More Convenient Location

It can be challenging to determine whether a particular site is more practical for drivers and passengers. It depends on various elements, including the Jeep’s type, the number of seats and passengers, and the driver’s skill level.

Your journey will be smooth if your driver is skilled enough and your Jeep has a power window switch. Placing the control in the middle is more convenient for the passengers sitting in the front seat. They do not need to move that much to reach the switch.

Keep Away From Dirt

A Jeep’s window switches may stop working due to rust, grime, or filthy wiring. Being in the middle also prevents the buttons from quickly contacting the dart. 

Compared to other automobiles’ removable doors, they are simpler to service. Performing these maintenance procedures might save you time and money instead of taking off the doors.

Less Complexity

A window switch requires a lot of wires and connections between the main power and the door. Placing the control in the middle makes sense to keep the Jeep door less complex so that you can remove it any time you want.

Higher Durability And Quality

Jeep has used unique and durable materials to place the window switches in the middle. Their window switches are constructed from dependable, premium materials like zinc or glass-filled nylon.

On the other hand, companies placing window switches on the door body use flimsier materials like plastic or aluminum, which might not hold up to the same level of abuse.

The switching mechanism itself is another aspect to take into account. Jeep window switches frequently employ a sturdy, dependable mechanism like a toggle switch.

Other brands might employ a rolling button or buzzer that is less resilient and might not hold up to frequent use as well.

Last but not least, Jeep window switches are often made with more remarkable skill and particular attention to detail than other manufacturers. This creates a button less likely to malfunction or collapse over time.

Keeps The Switches Out Of Small Children’s Reach

If young children can access window switches, they can be pretty dangerous. A child may open the windows and slide out if they turn on the button.

Death or severe injuries may result from this. So it is crucial to keep those switches out of tiny children’s reach.

This positioning does assist in keeping window switches out of tiny children’s reach. They won’t be within reach of kids who might switch them on by accident.

By introducing this feature, Jeep saves you from serious accidents.

Drawbacks Of Placing Jeep Window Switches In The Middle

Every action has its positive and negative sides. Placing the Jeep window switches in the middle is not out of this belief. They have some drawbacks too.

Inconvenient For Some Passengers

Reaching the window switches may be less convenient for travelers in the back seats. Passengers can efficiently operate the controls if they are located on the door panels.

Back-seat passengers need to squint to access the switches because they are located in the front of the car.

Difficult To Control

It could be challenging for the driver to operate the windows with the window switches in the middle of the car.

To regulate the window’s direction with one hand, the driver must employ another hand to manipulate the switches. This could be hazardous while driving if the driver needs to operate the window with both hands.

Distraction For The Driver

The window switches in the middle of the car can cause the driver to get distracted. To go for the controls, the driver would have to look away from the road.

If the driver is not paying attention, this could result in collisions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to relocate the window switches?

Yes, you can remove the Jeep window switches. But it would probably be a complicated and drawn-out procedure. It would be preferable to install a new switch in the preferred destination to avoid dealing with the potential difficulties that could occur from relocating the current controls.

What is the most common problem faced by Jeep owners with window switches?

The most common problem that some users have complained about is the Jeep window switches can be hard to press sometimes.

How to disable the rear window switches?

The rear window switches can be disabled using the window lockout switch. All you need to do is press the window lockout button downward to disable the window controls.

Final Words

Jeep window switches are found in the middle of the Jeep Wrangler because the owner may remove the doors anytime he wishes. The additional electrical connections inside the doors are made simpler and lighter.

So these are the possible reasons. Try your best to utilize this unique feature from Jeep and enjoy its perks!

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