How To Clean Jeep Floor Mats?

Jeeps are fantastic vehicles for going on adventures. A freshly detailed jeep feels so clean because care is taken during the interior detailing to ensure that all carpets and floor mats are as clean as possible. So how to clean jeep floor mats?

To clean the rubber floor mats, you need to remove them and give them a good shake to remove any excess dirt. Then wash them with soapy water and dry them thoroughly.

And for cleaning the carpeted mats, use a vacuum on both sides, spray with clean water, and use soap. Finally, shake the rugs and dry them in the sunlight.

If you’re looking to clean your mats, keep reading below to learnhow to do it correctly with minimal investment.

Why Is Cleaning Floor Mats Necessary?

Floor mats in a car get soiled with time, particularly after the winter season has begun to set in. Salt stains will become more noticeable on your vehicle’s floor mats as the temperature outside drops.

It is crucial to have a solid grasp of cleaning them effectively since they serve as your vehicle’s first line of defense from elements such as dirt, snow, and liquids that have been accidentally spilled.

On top of that, unclean floor mats are unhygienic since they promote the development and spread of germs and bacteria. In addition to the dirty floor, the filth and dust also pollute the air of the jeep’s interior.

So, cleaning the floor mats inside your car becomes more than necessary. This not only helps keep your vehicle running well for longer but also contributes to promoting your hygiene concerns.

How To Clean Your Jeep Floor Mats

To properly clean jeep mats, the appropriate materials are required. The improper equipment might make the task difficult or even spoil it. 

Before you begin cleaning your floor mats, ensure you get the following items on hand:

  • Vacuum (wet/dry)
  • Cleaner for floor mats
  • Spray bottle
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Use of a hose or bucket of water
  • Cotton or terry cloth towels

Carpet and rubber floor mats are commonly available in most modern cars. We’ll show you how to clean these two types of floor mats in your jeep in simple stages.

Best Ways To Clean Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats have the benefit of being simple to clean. Here’s how you can clean your rubber mats:

Remove Mats From The Vehicle

First of all, remove the mats from your jeep. Otherwise, you will get wet and dirty while cleaning the carpets.

Smack To Remove Trash

Smack the mat against the ground or some other flat object outdoors. If any substances get stuck to the surface, just use a scraper to remove them.

Use A Hose To Clean

Wash the mats’ dirty side to remove dirt and food particles with a hose. Don’t wash the side that will come into contact with the vehicle floor. The hose will provide the necessary pressure to remove dirt and food particles.

hose yo clean floor mat
Hose to clean floor mat

Rinse With Soap

Mix the washing detergent and baking soda with the water. This will fizz and pull the grime away. If you don’t have baking soda, you may use any liquid soap.

Use a hose again to rinse the soap off. Baby wipes and hand sanitizer may also be used to clean rubber floor mats. 

Shake Dirt From Mats

Shaking will aid in the removal of dust that has been trapped in the rubber or fabric floor mats. Find a hard surface to hit the mats on. A scraper may be used to remove hardened objects from the rubber mat.

Dry The Mats

When you’re ready to put the floor mats back in the vehicle, ensure they’ve had time to dry completely. Hang them from a fence, a rope, or anything else.

Here’s a visual representation for further understanding.

Easy Cleaning Methods of Carpeted Floor Mats

Carpeted floor mats are more challenging to clean than rubber ones, particularly when wet. You may detect an odor if they’ve been wet for a long time.

To thoroughly clean carpeted floor mats, follow these steps:

Remove Mats From The Vehicle

Just like rubber mats, you don’t want water or cleaning agents to come into contact with the inside of your vehicle. It may also be tough to operate a vacuum cleaner around jeep seats.

Vacuum Mats

Use the vacuum cleaner on both sides of the mat to eliminate dirt or debris.

vacuum to clean floor mat
Vacuum to clean floor mat

Spray Down With Water

Floor mats do not need to be saturated. However, if you have access to a dry location and the time to allow them to completely dry out without becoming mildew, you may get them very moist. It will enable dirt to be entrapped by water.

Add Baking Soda

To eliminate stains and odors, rub the baking soda into the carpet. Scrub the mat with a sharp brush and a bicarbonate soda and water solution to remove dirt and grime.

Use Detergent-Like Substance

To achieve the most excellent results, use two teaspoons of washing powder with the same amount of shampoo. After spreading the liquid into the mat, scrub it firmly with a stiff-bristled brush. Remove the soap with water.

Cleaning Sprays

If you have access to a portable carpet stain remover/extractor or steam cleaner, you can use one of these. Steam cleaners offer disinfecting advantages.

After using a cleaning agent, let the mats dry for half an hour. After absorbing the chemical, brush it on the matting.

Vacuum The Mets Once More

Some of the residual water and grime will be removed by vacuuming. The most effective method is using a vacuum cleaner to absorb moisture. However, hose attachments on a conventional vacuum are also helpful.

Dry Mats Completely

Dry your wet carpets in the sun or someplace sunny and dry. When you return them to the car, they may emit a musty odor if they aren’t totally dry.

At the end of the post, keeping your car clean is a crucial aspect of maintenance that helps you enjoy your ride. Having napkins may help temporarily clean up dirt, but restoring that clean look takes a little more effort.

Hopefully, this article on how to clean Jeep floor mats properly has put your mind at ease. The rugs may be washed in the washing machine with a regular detergent and stain remover or with a steam cleaning vacuum, which is typically seen at car washes. Stay clean!

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