Jeep Traction Control Light Tips For Maximum Driving Safety

Since 2012 traction control modules have been a standard feature on all cars, trucks, and other older models. Besides, trucks like the Jeep Wrangler with antilock brakes also received traction control systems.

The Jeep traction control light can detect tire slip during acceleration. It rides with the ABS light (anti-lock brake system) and employs identical wheel-speed detectors.

A traction control light is a warning light in your Jeep. It helps you lessen the wheels’ slipperiness with the help of ABS. And ensure a smooth drive though the weather condition is bad. It stops the wheel from rolling when necessary. And helps it work well in the snow, wet pitches, and slick surfaces.

Give this article a thorough read, and you will know more about the Jeep traction control light!

What Is The Traction Control Light In A Jeep?

Since 2012, the central government has mandated stability control systems based on ABS and traction control. Here the traction control helps the wheels from slipping while you speed up.

This safety function enables a jeep to maximize road surface traction by preventing wheel spinning.

Generally, the traction control signal is showcased by the letter “TC.” However, this light may appear to be small. But it lit the image of a vehicle spinning out of control located right before your steering wheel.

It is a warning light. So when the warning light remains illuminated, the system has to be checked as you aren’t receiving any assistance from it to control traction. Traction control isn’t used unless you’re driving on slick roads.

Traction control light

How Does A Traction Control Light Work?

Wheel speed sensors are being used by traction control to detect when one or several of the car’s wheels start to lose their traction. And if the system works perfectly, it will detect a lack of grip in one or several of the wheels to avoid a skid.

It has active yaw sensors on the four tires. The sensors closely monitor the car’s speed and the movement of the tires also.

Any tire that spins faster than the vehicle’s speed may start to lose traction, which could cause sliding or hydroplaning. Traction control intervenes in this situation to stop either from happening.

If a tire spins too quickly, traction control will engage and automatically reduce the speed—this aids in your vehicle regaining traction.

You can experience a slight jerk when it starts in the automobile. But that simply indicates that the safety measure is working as intended.

When To Use Jeep Traction Control Light?

Even when there is no danger from the weather, traction control is a technology you can always enable. When you start your engine, it is automatically configured to be on. Additionally, the safety feature can be disabled.

However, there are specific moments in which you must keep your traction control light on.

For example, traction control ensures your safety when driving in snowy or icy conditions, heavy rain,  or even on surfaces where the soil may feel loose. In addition, traction control might be helpful when driving over curbs in hazardous weather.

Thus, if you encounter hazardous driving circumstances, it is better to keep your traction control on. And even if things don’t appear dangerous, experts still advise you to leave it on out of caution. And save it for rare occasions when you must turn it off.

Why Would Your Traction Control Light Stay On?

The Traction Control Light staying on makes no difference if your Jeep is on a slick or muddy surface. However, if it remains on for an extended period in favorable driving conditions, it may have wheel alignment, sensor, or switchboard problems.

You can always use a scan tool to find the problems that triggered your warning lights. Here are some possible reasons explained why your traction control light would stay on:

1) Low Tire Pressure

The traction system detects motion via sensing devices and responds appropriately. Lower tire pressure could cause the sensors to malfunction. So the traction control may malfunction and cease to function as intended.

It would help if you avoided traction in these scenarios to avoid any potential accidents.

2) Sensor Issues

This problem may occur for various reasons like speed sensor failure, low brake fluid, and issues related to the steering angle sensor.

The steering angle sensor detects the angles, speeds, and positions. Unfortunately, suppose there is a problem with the wiring.

In that case, it also influences the traction control module and tires, which gives the computer incorrect information. As a result, it causes the traction control lights to come on.

3) Bad Wheel Alignment

Your Jeep may become out of alignment if it receives an unintended jolt or runs over curbs or potholes. The wheels will experience low pressure, signaling the computer, and the indicator will turn on.

How To Reset The Jeep Traction Control Light?

There can be some specific situations when you might need to reset the Jeep traction control light altogether. This can be due to any of the reasons we previously discussed.

Here’s the step-by-step process to rest the warning light in your Jeep:

  • Step 01: Unplug all the positive wires from your Jeeps’ battery. Then push the brake to extract the electrical power. If it works perfectly, it will reset the central computer.
  • Step 02: You must change the sensors if the lights come on again. Just disconnect all the old sensors and install the new ones.

If you can not follow the steps explained, we suggest you go to the nearest auto part store and leave it to them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to drive with the traction light on?

Yes, it is safe to drive with the traction light on. But if your traction control system and ABS module are connected to the brake, it is necessary to get it checked. Otherwise, it will cost you more to fix later.

Does the traction control system affect the ABS module?

When we take the traction control light’s name, the name of the ABS module will come along. That’s because they complement each other as safety features and never work alone. So any problem in one will affect the other.

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Final Words

Jeep developers and their engineers have worked hard on their traction control system to ensure more safety for their customers. That’s because Jeep is a standard vehicle on rough and risky tracks.

To know more about their development and use it correctly is your duty. We hope you got everything you needed to know about the Jeep traction control light in this article. Get on the rough hill or muddy tracks and enjoy your Jeep journey!


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