How To Open Jeep Key Fob – Easy Guide

Keyless entry systems for your vehicle include Jeep key fobs as integral parts. There was a time when one had to physically lock and unlock the doors of their vehicle. Modern Jeep models equipped with key fobs take care of this task automatically. Most users don’t know how to open the Jeep key fob.

In some cases, you may discover that the buttons on your Jeep key fob are not functioning. It may be necessary to replace the battery in your Jeep key fob. Therefore, it would be beneficial for you to learn how to replace the battery in the Jeep key fob. 

Jeep key fob battery replacement can seem daunting if you are unsure of where to begin. Taking advantage of this information will certainly assist you in reaching your goals.

How to open the jeep key fob?

Step 1: Use a Screwdriver to Remove the Jeep’s Key Fob

Have you been trying to figure out how to unlock a Jeep key fob? You will need a flathead screwdriver to open your key fob and access the battery. It is made of plastic that snaps together. To perform this task, insert the screwdriver tip into the seam of the key fob (near the key ring).

Some Jeep models require you to remove the pull-out metal ignition key before you can access the key fob. To disengage the metal ignition backup, locate the metal switch on the key fob and slide it over. Once you have removed the metal ignition key, place it in a safe place.

For some Jeep owners, a pry bar tool is preferable. To do so, it is best to locate the keyring mount.

Step 2: Pry the screwdriver open with pressure

By using a soft substance or a screwdriver tip, the risk of breaking the plastic can be reduced. This procedure must be performed with great care. It is recommended that the point of the screwdriver be positioned near the seam of the Jeep key fob.

Using the correct amount of force, pry the key fob open. But be careful not to damage the key fob’s plastic components.

You can remove the key fob from the key ring by pressing a tiny flathead screwdriver into the seam near the keyring attachment point. It will not be possible to reassemble it if you do not follow these steps.

You can watch the below video to check how to replace the Jeep Wrangler key fob.

How to check if a key fob battery Is low?

The battery life of your Jeep key fob is approximately three to four years when it is used properly. Whenever your key fob reaches its end of life, trust the Kolosso CDJR repair shop or a nearby hardware store to provide the correct batteries.

You should be able to identify the warning signs of a failing key fob battery. Things to keep an eye out for, as per the following list.

  • Green flashing indicator light: Check the indicator lights every time you shut off your vehicle to determine whether this occurs. If so, this is a symptom of a poor battery and a weakened signal.
  • Unlocking and locking a door takes several attempts: These symptoms may be noticed by Appleton drivers first. When their locks fail to function, they are disrupted from their daily routines. If you are having trouble with this basic task, you should visit the local hardware store and purchase a pack of 3v cr2032 coin cell batteries.
  • Limited range: Key fob batteries operate up to 50 feet away from the vehicle. If the range of your device is significantly shorter, it is time for a new battery.
  • Inconsistent procedure: Whenever this happens, it is easy to blame ourselves (and our sore fingers). This discrepancy is due to a dwindling key fob battery. You should replace the batteries in your key fob immediately to avoid having to pay for a costly reprogramming service.

What brands should you use to replace a key fob battery?

Various manufacturers offer 3V CR2032, CR2450, and CR2016 coin cell batteries, including Panasonic, Sony, and Maxell. However, most Jeep owners recommend purchasing Energizer coin cell CR2032 batteries.

How long will the battery in my Jeep key fob last?

There is no definitive answer to this question. When used normally, key fob batteries typically last for three to four years.

At the end of the guide, opening and replacing the battery of your Jeep key fob can be a tedious process. It is not difficult to accomplish if you are familiar with the procedure. Hopefully, this article will clarify any doubts you may have regarding how to open a Jeep key fob. 

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