How To Change Battery In Jeep Key Fob?

Having trouble replacing your dead Jeep key fob battery? These batteries can run out without you noticing. Learn how to change the battery in the jeep key fob today!

Owning a jeep can be pretty exciting. Among all the modern amenities and facilities Jeeps provide, a key fob is a particular one everyone looks out for. Although a key fob can offer years of service, it is no surprise when it decides to take a break.

Also, replacing the battery of a key fob is relatively straightforward. After opening the key fob with a screwdriver, separate the components. Pull out the old battery and insert the new one. Put the circuit board on the keypad and secure both pieces into the fob.

A key fob is a handy remote-access tool for your jeep. Whenever you need to open your jeep doors or trunk, a key fob can do the job without physically accessing the locks. Opening doors or trunks with a key fob is simpler than ever with hands full of groceries and parcels.

What is a Key Fob?

Accessing vehicles remotely is appreciated because it is not always practical to open the doors manually in all situations. A key fob is a tool to secure and remotely control the doors of any vehicle.

It is a security device that operates by transmitting a signaling code. The fob has a specific range and only works with a single car.

So, you do not have to worry about compromising the security of your jeep. Nobody else can access your jeep without your key fob.

Signs When The Key Fob Battery Needs Replacement

A key fob will not simply die out suddenly. It gives off multiple warnings before the battery is completely drained. If you look out for these signs and warnings, you might save yourself some trouble by changing the battery beforehand.

Weak Signals

Reduced signal power indicates the signs of a drained battery. The indicator LED shows green pulses for about thirty seconds after you have switched off the engine of your jeep. It indicates a weak signal meaning the battery is about to run out.

Doors Opening Slow

If you are having trouble opening the doors of your jeep by clicking the key fob, it might be time to change the battery. Requiring multiple clicks means the key fob does not have a fully functional battery.

Delayed Response

Delay in activation also signals a weak battery. A perfectly fine key fob should relay the command instantly. If it cannot do so, the battery needs to be changed.


Another sign you should look out for is unresponsiveness. If you find the key fob somewhat unresponsive, there is a good chance that the battery needs to be replaced soon.

How To Change Battery In Jeep Key Fob? Step By Step

If you have decided to discard the old battery and replace it with a new one, you need to get hold of a couple of tools beforehand. You will require a small flathead screwdriver to pry open the key fob. Get a new CR2032 battery for the key fob.

Steps To Follow

Step 1: Take your flathead screwdriver and insert it into the edges of the key fob close to the keyring mount.

Step 2: Push the screwdriver gently to detach the key fob compartments. Be careful not to damage any part of the key fob. Refrain from any kind of twisting as it can harm the key fob.

Step 3: After prying open the segments, you should notice the old battery. Softly grab and remove it from the key fob.

Step 4: It is time to insert the newly purchased CR2032 battery. The polarity needs to match. Hence, it would be best to keep the battery’s negative side downwards.

Step 5: Pick up the circuit board and put it on the keypad. Now, secure both of the parts in the key fob compartment.

Step 6: Snap together the separate halves of the key fob. The plastic halves need to be connected tightly.

Step 7: Some key fobs may contain a metallic emergency key. If your key fob happens to have that, put it after you have closed the compartment.

You can put your newly replaced battery to test by clicking the key fob. The “lock” or “unlock” buttons should signal instantly. The doors should be responding to the command, and the parking lights should beep and flash.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Battery Should I Use For My Jeep Key Fob?

A key fob will not operate with just any kind of battery. You need to specifically use the CR2032 battery for your key fob.

Can I Unlock My Car If My Key Fob Dies?

Absolutely. A key fob is an alternative for manually opening your vehicle’s doors. If you have no access to your car keys, you can still unlock your car yourself.

How Long Does A Key Fob Battery Last?

A brand-new key fob battery can serve you for multiple years. The CR2032 battery should last anywhere between three to four years.

Can Anyone Else Unlock My Car With Another Key Fob?

The key fob generates a secured and unique code to communicate with the computer in your car and matches it to give you access. No one else can access your vehicle with another key fob as the codes generated will not match.


It is a natural occurrence when the battery of your jeep key fob depletes. Rather than fretting, you can easily swap the old battery and get it working within minutes. You just need to know how to change the battery in the jeep key fob.

Next time your key fob starts malfunctioning, you can change the battery all by yourself by following some easy steps. Your jeep key fob will be up and running like new!

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