How To Store Jeep Doors? [4 Ways]

In the summer, it is normal for people to go for long rides with their Jeeps. But to enjoy the summer breeze wholeheartedly, many prefer to remove the hardtop and the doors. Of course, we do not blame them! This is their right.

So, now that you have removed your Jeep doors for that purpose, the incoming pressure of how to store Jeep doors may terrify you. This article will brief you on all possible ways how to store Jeep doors.

There are four ways you can store your Jeep doors – hanging them on the garage wall so everyone can have a look, laying them down on the floor, using storage bags, or keeping them in carts.

Do not forget to take the necessary steps, such as covering them and choosing the perfect place to keep your doors safe. Now we will dig deeper to know this matter in more detail.

Four Ways To Store Jeep Doors

A Jeep’s doors are essentially designed in a way to be removed so you can utilize all of the vehicle’s capabilities. The owners can enjoy their drives without doors both off-road and on-road this way.

But there might be a period when you wish to reinstall the doors on your Jeep. As a result, it’s critical to keep them in a manner that will guard against damage while they’re being used.

You can store them in four ways to keep them safe and secure. These ways are explained below with advantages and disadvantages.

1. Hang Them On The Wall

One way to store Jeep doors is to hang them from solid and strategic hooks on the wall. You have a variety of wall-mount alternatives to choose from, or if you’re incredibly crafty, you might try creating your own.

hang jeep door on wall

This allows you to exhibit them for visitors while saving room in the garage. Although they are not the most attractive Jeep component, dangling the doors will make excellent wall decorations if you own a specific garage for your collection of Jeeps.

This solution, of course, requires that you have enough wall space to mount up two huge doors and also that you feel comfortable making holes in your wall.

This technique has the drawback of requiring you to determine whether to open your Jeep doors before leaving the house. In addition, it does not allow for accidental removal.

2. Lie Them Down On The Floor

Laying the doors down with a big, thick blanket is one of the most accessible and inexpensive ways to store them for future use.

First, find appropriate paddings, such as a rug, cardboard, or soft surface. Whichever you feel most comfortable with, either lie the doors flat atop it or rest them against a wall with their bases on the blanket.

To make this alternative work, you will require a dry place to keep the doors, preferably one with few passersby, to reduce the risk of the doors being accidentally knocked over.

But this choice has several drawbacks. For starters, keeping your doors on the floor exposes them to a greater risk of harm because they might be unintentionally kicked or knocked over.

Additionally, for this method to work, you must have a sizable quantity of free area where your doors can remain undisturbed for some days, weeks, or months.

3. Door Storage Cart

Using a storage cart is the best way to store your Jeep doors, in our recommendation. This alternative minimizes the risk of harm while being portable, practical, and space-efficient.

The Storage Cart is the market’s most cutting-edge technology for Jeep door storage. It has a distinctive spring-assisted construction, is adaptable, and securely stores two or four doors.

jeep door storage cart

This equipment is a need for the overall space savings in your garage and the simplicity of the navigation. Storage carts come in a variety of brands.

Because you can detach and store your Jeep’s doors anywhere, a storage cart is handy. As a result, you can decide whether to remove your doors while on a holiday or road trip.

Once the doors are in the carriage, one can easily roll them to whichever location works best.

Additionally, the solid construction of the storage cart will stop your doors from toppling and harming themselves. Instead, it tightly keeps them in place and protects its hinge mounts from damage with brushing inserts.

4. Door Storage Bags

There are many types of Jeep door storage bags available in the market. This is the simplest and most practical way to transport your hard door.

When not in use, these bags safeguard your doors. The paint is protected from scratching by the soft inside foam padding.

They have disadvantages as well. With JK doors from 2007 and later, these will not function. Additionally, these are sold in a pair.

Precautions To Store Your Jeep Doors Safely

Isn’t it good to be fully prepared before any accidents happen? The same goes for the case of Jeep door storage.

Here are some precautions or tips you can follow to keep your Jeep doors safe for longer.

Cover Them Up

We advise covering your Jeep doors when storing them for maximum safety. This will stop damaging or abrasive materials from slipping on the doors while they are being stored.

Even though a simple tarp is preferable to nothing, we advise you to do this to avoid dents and scratches.

High-quality covers also offer UV protection to stop the painting on your doors from fading. Additionally, the soft interior of their body will guard them against rubbing.

Come Up With A Storage Plan

We have discussed four ways for you to store your Jeep door. Now it is your time to decide which method you will use.

Taking into account the model of your Jeep, the storage place, and your strength, you must determine that as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will delay all the processes.

Lay Them Down Properly

Make sure you place these doors in a location where you or any visitors you have over won’t trip over them when you put them on the ground. It’s especially critical if you’re storing them in a typical residential garage with a lot of foot activity.

In the same way, be cautious where you place the doors if you lean them against a wall to prevent someone from unintentionally bumping into them and knocking them to the ground.

Use A Door Removal Tool

Removing your Jeep doors is the first step in storing them securely. Unfortunately, there is a sizable risk of damage when removing the doors from your Jeep.

Specifically, you risk dropping them and potentially hurting yourself, denting, or breaking your door or window.

Therefore, we strongly advise utilizing a specialist removal tool to prevent such a calamity. With a Jeep door removal tool, you can effortlessly latch onto the Jeep door and lift it.

Choose The Storage Location Properly

The final step is to choose your storage location before deciding which storage option to utilize.

Although most people keep the doors in the garage, you may also keep them in a shed, basement, or any place with a spare room. Make sure the location is dry and has little foot traffic wherever you store your doors.

As mentioned, you ought to keep your doors out of high-traffic areas. However, when it’s time to put your Jeep’s doors back on, you can be in for a surprise if the location you select is prone to water accumulation or is out in the weather.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I store my Jeep doors alone?

If you are strong enough and your Jeep door doesn’t weigh that much, you can always do this job alone. But we suggest you take a friend’s help to avoid any accident or unwanted situation.

How much does a Jeep door storage cart cost?

You can make your door storage cart by yourself. But if you think you can afford a more sturdy and durable storage cart, you can do that too. It will cost you from $200 to $300.

Is it safe to use a Jeep door storage bag?

High-quality Jeep door bags protect your doors from stains, scratches, and UV. But the doors may damage if you leave them in a corner for a long time without a regular check-up.

Final Words

Jeeps have many wonderful qualities, including their appearance and handling on and off the road. The capacity of these cars to open their doors and let in fresh air while you’re driving is one of their genuinely unique features.

But you must store the doors properly if you want to use them again. It may not be pleasant to see your Jeep doors damaged while reinstalling. It will cost you to buy new ones. So properly storing them is a must thing to do.

Whatever way you choose according to your preference, you need to follow the rules as mentioned. Hope this article will help let you know the answer to how to store Jeep doors. So do not delay anymore and store your Jeep doors without worrying about damage!

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