White Jeep Bronze Wheels: Your Ultimate Shopping Guide

You’re probably trying to select which color of Jeep Wrangler you prefer if you’re in the market for one. Let’s face it! Jeep has many unique colors for the Wrangler, so choosing just one for your vehicle can be challenging.

A lot of people are obsessed with the white color. Don’t worry! It’s not only you. And when it comes to buying a Jeep, it must be the highest seller after black. Regarding the wheels, bronze is one of the most fabulous combinations that go well with your white Jeep.

Bronze wheels on a white Jeep are like a cherry on top. It enhances the beauty of your Jeep. You can boom the extraordinary qualities such as a high-powered engine, durable body, rim, mileage, better transmission, and door variations of your Jeep with a touch of bronze wheels.

Let’s dig out more information about white Jeep bronze wheels!

How Do Bronze Wheels Look On Your White Jeep?

You can not overlook white in the list of the most popular colors for Jeep Wrangler. This is because it has such a refined appeal.

It is simple to customize, photographs beautifully, and looks terrific even when covered in dirt. With the appropriate tweaks, it’s a versatile hue that will undoubtedly get attention.

White Jeep and bronze wheel is a great combo you can try with your newly bought white Jeep or install it in the old one.

It will boost the beauty of your bright white beast on the rough tracks. Just imagine your Jeep is covered with mud while driving, and the shiny bronze wheels reflect sun rays! One could die to witness this scene!

What Makes Bronze Wheels Popular With Jeep Owners?

The bronze wheel lacks no features than other models and color variations. However, the features are more remarkable than some average models. Let’s take a look:

Jeep gladiator jt bronze wheels
Image source: ebay.com

1) Design

Let’s not argue about the beauty of bronze wheels on a white Jeep anymore. It features a matte bronze finish that catches the eye of every viewer.

No one can take back their eyes from this extraordinary beauty. By the way, this can also be a perfect background for your Instagram photo.

2) Durability

It has a robust clear coat that can withstand the worst weather. In addition, higher offset wheels that are less aggressive for Jeep are also available.

These wheels will help you conquer the most challenging trails and rough terrain.

3) Brakes

The brake system of these wheels works just as fine, which will help you to ride on rough roads without any trouble.

4) Easy To Install

To install these wheels correctly, cone seat lug nuts are needed. If you have these and the right tools, you can install this at home.

But if you do not have adequate knowledge, it will be best to leave them to the professionals. Otherwise, it will cost you more if anything goes wrong.

5) Easy To Paint

If you can not afford to buy new bronze wheels for your white fellow, you always have the option to paint the old ones.

It is elementary with the right equipment. And the exciting part is that no one will be able to differentiate them from the new ones.

Are Bronze Wheels Worth Buying For a White Jeep?

Yes, of course! The bronze wheels will be worth every penny for your white Jeep.

Jeep comes in a variety of colors. And all of them have pretty high demand in the market. But some people may crave the white ones.

On top of that, the bronze wheels will sparkle in the sunlight and deepness at night. So naturally, such a combination is popular among customers.

White Jeep with bronze wheel doesn’t have any lacking features compared to other variations. Instead, you can get some advantages like different looks on day and night, high power engine, better mileage than average models, a gloss grille, a durable body, rim, etc.

You can also choose between two-door and four-door models of Jeep. Even if you buy a used one, you can still paint your favorite color.

So, it’s not much tough to decide whether buying bronze wheels for your white Jeep is worth it or not.

Can You Paint Your Wheels With Bronze Color On Your Own?

Yes, you can paint your old wheels with bronze if you think buying new ones is costly. But it depends on your painting skill.

bronze color
Bronze color

Painting on paper and painting wheels are not the same. It requires knowledge of this field and some tools and unique paints made for wheels only.

Such paint is Dupli-color Perfect Match, Light Bronze Mist (54 WA534F). It will be a perfect match for your white Jeep.

But there are some steps you need to follow to finish the job perfectly. Here’s a breakdown of the procedure:

  • Step #1: Detach your wheels from your Jeep. Then unscrew all the parts of the wheels.
  • Step #2: Wash the wheels and screws with extra care so that no dirt is left. This is to make sure the color will set perfectly.
  • Step #3: Dry out all the parts, leaving no moisture drop.
  • Step #4: Paint all the parts with white as a base color. This will emphasize the bronze color to look more vibrant.
  • Step #5: Lastly, paint all the parts again with Dupli-color Light Bronze Mist and leave it to dry. Then assemble all the pieces again.

That’s it! Your bronze wheels are ready to rock your white Jeep.


Choosing wheels for your car depends on your preference solely. We are here just to show you possible options. This white and bronze can be a heavenly combination for your Jeep, offering you both beauty and durability. And with some knowledge of painting, you can save a lot of money and hassle too.

We hope this article about white Jeep bronze wheels has covered all the points that you wanted to know. All the best with your new Jeep mods!

Featured image source: wheelfront.com

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