Replace Your Jeep Compass Key Fob Battery In Just Minutes

The mechanical key is also known as the key fob of your jeep compass. With the fob, you can open & close the vehicle’s door effortlessly. As it runs on a battery, it can cause you trouble sometimes. So, what are the jeep compass key fob battery problems and their solutions?

Dead battery, faulty battery, and quick charge drain are the common issues with a key fob battery. To solve the problem, you just need to replace it with a new one which you can within minutes with a flathead screwdriver. After the installation, don’t forget to reset the program, or your battery won’t work.

You can even start your car when the key fob battery is dead. But hey, you need to replace the battery as soon as possible!

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Problems With Jeep Compass Key Fob Battery

A key fob helps to make a keyless entry to your jeep with just a push-button start. It makes the owner’s life more manageable than before, without a doubt.

However, some problems might appear with the key fob battery and stop you from entering your jeep. Here are the most common problems you can face:

Dead Battery

Sometimes the key fob doesn’t detect the jeep at all. That means it can’t send signals to the vehicle.

The most apparent reason is a dead battery. Therefore, you just have to replace the dead battery with a new one.

Quick Battery Drain

A faulty key fob battery will drain faster than usual. Sometimes improper use can drain the battery faster.

In such cases, you need to replace the battery and use the key fob properly. 

Loose Battery Settings

Well, it can occur when you place the battery improperly though the chance is less as there is small space for the key fob batteries.

Corroded Battery Terminals

When you are installing a new battery, you should check whether the terminal is free of corrosion or not. Even if the battery works fine, it can disturb the signal transmission at any time.

So, clean or replace the terminal connections. Don’t make the key fob wet under any circumstances.

How To Replace The FOB Battery?

When the key fob battery is dead or faulty, you must replace it immediately. Well, it’s a pretty straightforward procedure, and you can do it yourself with the fitting instructions. Here’s how:

Step 1: Gather Accessories

Before starting the replacement, you need to gather all the necessary accessories. So, buy a new battery compatible with your key fob and arrange a small flathead screwdriver.

Step 2: Disassemble

And now, you need to locate the keyring mount and try to insert the screwdriver into the key fob seam. It won’t go inside pretty quickly.

It would help if you used a bit of force to press the flathead into the seam. It will separate the two fob segments from the seam.

As the key fob is made of plastic, you shouldn’t try any twisting action. Otherwise, the chassis will be destroyed, and so will your key fob.

Step 3: Remove Old Battery

After opening the jeep key fob seam, you will find the battery housing inside. So, remove the battery carefully. Clean the inside if there is any dirt or corroded waste.

Step 4: Insert The New One

It’s time to insert the new battery. Make sure you put the battery right on the positive and negative ends. It won’t make any short circuit because of the wrong end. But your key fob won’t work at all.

Step 5: Reassemble

Then you need to put the circuit board into the keypad carefully. Remember the direction of the entrance. After that, insert the keypad into the key.

Step 6: Check

It’s time to check the battery. Press the button and see if it’s working or not.

How To Reset After Replacing Battery?

After replacing the battery, you must reset the program for smooth use. Well, you don’t need to take it to any dealership. Follow the instruction and do it by yourself:

Step 1: Get Into The Car

First, you must get into your car with the keys and remote. Then close all the doors or else it will disturb the procedure.

Step 2: Start The Ignition

Seated properly! Then turn on the ignition to power the electrical system of the car. Don’t start the engine and make the ignition in radio mode.

Step 3: Press The Remote Key

When the key is in ‘ON”, you need to press the fob’s lock button. After that, turn off the key. Then repeat the cycle three times.

The cycle should end in the ‘ON’ position. It will send a signal to electrical controls showing that the key is sending ignition signals. The program will automatically save the data for the future.

Step 4: Listen To The Sound

After completing the process, there will be a lock sound. The sound will indicate that you are in programming mode.

You must press the lock button within five seconds to succeed in the program. Otherwise, you need to start step 3 again.

Step 5: Program Additional Remote

It will be needed when there’s any additional remote. If you have any, press the lock button for 10 seconds staying in the programming mode to succeed in the program for additional ones.

If you fail to do so, you need to start over from step 3.

Step 6: Stop The Ignition

After that, you need to turn off the ignition. Keep it in the ‘OFF’ position. Only then the programming procedure will terminate.

Step 7: Step Out And Check

Take your key fob and step out of the vehicle. Check the unlock system to verify the function.

What If The New Battery Failed?

The most common reason for battery failure after the replacement is broken contacts and misaligned buttons.

When there’s a hurry in battery replacement, you might have left some misaligned buttons on the keypad. So, if your new battery fails, you need to recheck the keypad.

Besides the misalignment, you should also check if there are any broken contacts.

There also might be some issues with the locks. So, check the locks alongside.

Sometimes you might forget to reset the program after replacing the battery. And without the re-programming, the new battery might not work.

After all these checks, you need to change the key fob if there are still problems with it.

Can You Start The Car With A Dead Key Fob?

Yes, you can start your car when your key fob is dead. If the key fob stops functioning in the middle of nowhere, don’t worry because you can still start your car and drive it. Here how:

First, you need to put the mechanical key into the key fob and close it. Don’t use your finger to press the jeep’s start button. Instead, use your dead key fob’s tip to trigger your car’s start/stop button.

It would help if you pushed the brake pedals at the same time. After that, you will hear the starting sound of the vehicle.

Final Words

The key fob is a pretty helpful kit for opening and closing the vehicle’s door. Typically, it works fine when the battery is okay. A faulty battery can make the key fob unresponsive.

Hopefully, you have learned about the jeep compass key fob battery problems and techniques to solve them yourself. So, whenever you face such issues with the battery, please don’t wait until it entirely goes numb. Ask for professional help if needed. Best of luck with your journeys!

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