jack points on jeep wrangler

Jack Points on Jeep Wrangler: Why Is It So Important?

While changing the tire or brake pad, you’ll need to lift your Jeep Wrangler. You can adjust the jack stand to the jack point to lift your vehicle safely. Jack’s points on Jeep Wranglers might vary depending on the specific model. They are mostly found behind the front and rear. It’s located on the driver’s … Read More

jeep wrangler 2 door

The Weight of a 2-Door Jeep Wrangler: Unleashing the Beast

2 door Jeep Wrangler is a fan-favourite vehicle for off-road riders. You can customize your jeep wrangler for additional comfort and style it. However, customization should not make the jeep too heavy. This can impact the Wrangler performance. The overall dimension of the jeep wrangler 2 door will determine its weight. However, 2 door jeep … Read More

jeep renegade sound system unavailable

Jeep Renegade Sound System Unavailable: Problems & Solutions

People often complain that their Jeep Renegade sound system is unavailable. It is a common issue that most Jeep Renegade owners experience. But, mostly, these issues are a result of poor maintenance. Well, there are some quick fixes to such minor problems. Before you try those, you should know the possible mistakes you’re making to … Read More

how much does jeep uconnect cost

How Much Does Jeep Uconnect Cost: Prices and Packages

Jeep Uconnect is a valuable feature for navigation and entertainment. It comes in handy in both regular and off-road drives. However, the Uconnect access requirement payment, and you must get a monthly or yearly subscription. But how much does a Jeep Uconnect cost? The monthly subscription to Jeep Uconnect will cost you $14.99. And the … Read More

types of bumper damage

Understanding Different Types of Bumper Damage

The safety of a car depends a lot on its’ bumper. A bumper also increases the dynamics and aesthetic value of a car. But often we see the bumper is damaging. It happens because the purpose of the bumper is one kind of protective shield of a car and it is obvious that the first … Read More

jeep uconnect not working

Troubleshooting Guide for Jeep Uconnect Not Working Problems

Jeep Uconnect is crucial in helping you in different ways, like navigating, entertainment, and communication. You can’t belittle any of these features since they are essential. However, these services don’t work smoothly when it’s defective. So, what’re the reasons for a Jeep’s Uconnect not working, and what’re the solutions? The Uconnect doesn’t work correctly when … Read More

jeep front bumper

What Is the Purpose of a Bumper[Explained]

All of us have seen car bumpers for sure. But did you ever think of the reason for its existence? Is it only an exterior part or there are some other specific reasons behind this structure? Well, that can be a possible reason, but there must be some other reasons too. The main goal or … Read More